Ethereal Software and the Unconscious

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A new reader asks:

If a newbie is trying to influence his environment, luck, probable outcomes without being connected to a specific ethereal software, is his unconscious connecting to random softwares? Like wireless devices connecting to the nearest tower? Or is the unconscious, itself, a sort of vast, open-source ethereal software?

It depends.

Some people will already be connected to a particular piece of ethereal software. Think about psychics who’ve gotten intuitions as long as they can remember. (Usually, a family member did, too — that’s where they got that software from.)

Others will pick up ethereal software from a group of mages. Think initiates into the Golden Dawn or OTO.

Some may pick up ethereal software from spirits that inhabit the same town, or from talking to a psychic, healer, or someone else.

And some people may simply not have any ethereal software connect to them on that particular day.

Some software actively seeks out new users, while other software requires permission. Some software will respond to the user’s request, other software to their real intent, and still other software may ignore what they want and simply drain their energy. There’s a huge amount of variation here.

There’s no way of knowing what will happen on any given day, if you just grab whatever software happens to respond to you. That’s why I recommend that novices either start with established rituals like the LBRP (which will connect you to particular ethereal software associated with that ritual), or go with the software I commissioned for my book. Then you know what you’re working with, you know it’s safe, and you can know you’re working with the same thing again next practice session.

(And, on the last question: No, the unconscious is a combination of nerves and some ethereal muscles. It doesn’t include ethereal software, and ethereal software seems to exist independent of human nerves and ethereal muscles. Ethereal software seems mostly unrelated to the unconscious, aside from the fact that some people may use ethereal software without consciously realizing it.)

Bonus: This reader also suggests a good way of thinking about signatures:

As I understand it, identifying “signatures” in one’s own consciousness is much like “sense memory” is for actors. A stage actor recreates for himself the feeling of walking into a room for the first time, or having a spontaneous conversation, or being outdoors, or whatever the character’s situation or activity is. It sounds like creating, or labeling, a “signature” for when one feels healthy, or sexy, or powerful, or motivated, and then accessing that signature with “ethereal muscles,” is much the same thing as an actor using “sense memory.” Would you agree with that analogy?

Yes, that feels about right. I think it’s a good analogy in terms of how it feels to remember a signature, and that seems like a reasonable way to get your mind moving in the right direction. Thanks!

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