Headaches: It’s Probably NOT Magick

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Common question from readers: “I get frequent headaches. I heard that energy / spirits / magick can cause headaches. Could my headache be from that?”

Answer: It could. But it probably isn’t. Most headaches are from stress, dehydration, or some other non-magickal cause.

Think back over the last week. How many days did you feel stress, maybe while driving? How many days did you pay attention to drinking enough water, and how many did you just drink at meals? How careful were you about posture, while working and sleeping, to avoid neck strain?

Now, think back over the same week, and ask: How many days did you raise significant energy, then forget to release it? How many days did you connect to new ethereal software or do other magickal work that’s likely to attract spirits? How many days featured some new magick you didn’t know was safe?

List 1 is bigger than list 2, right?

Same for me. My list 2 is bigger than most mages I know, and even so, most of my headaches are dehydration.

So why do we hear about headaches from spirits so much. “I got a headache, then did this fancy exorcism ritual, and it went away” is a fun story to tell. “I got a headache, then drank a glass of water and waited 10 minutes and it went away,” not so much.

Bonus! Here’s how to temporarily reduce the pain from a non-magickal headache:

  • Note the signature your head is in when you’re feeling good. (Do it right now. If you build energy, it’s easier to notice.)
  • Name that energy, so your mind can recall it later.
  • When you get a headache, build a moderate amount of that energy in your head, and let it sit there.

The key is moderate. If you build too much, that is likely to create its own headache from building energy and not grounding. If that happens, just release the energy, and your headache should go back to baseline in a minute or so.

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