Magick Feels Like Pressure in the Brain

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A friend asked me, “What does it feel like when you engage your ethereal muscles?”

Readers have asked this before, and I always answer that it doesn’t feel like anything, because I don’t look for a tingle or anything to know they’re engaged. It’s more of the feeling of where your arm is, how even with your eyes closed you just know what your arm is doing. (Proprioception.) And that’s hard to describe.

But my friend pressed me: Try engaging them, and describe everything that happens. And there is a feeling: A pressure in my head, pushing out of my forehead and temples. It’s subtle, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, the kind of thing I simply ignore. But, if you do magick, and you have a first step where you engage the magick parts of your mind, look for that feeling. It might mean that you and I are talking about the same magickal structures, just using different words to do it.

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