Re-Activating Psychic Intuitions

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This week, I re-activated my psychic intuitions. This post covers what I learned.

When I activated psychic intuitions the first time, it took months of debugging, then an exhausting week to actually awaken the intuitions. This time, it was an easy three afternoons. I see three reasons it was easier this time.

Easier Ethereal Software

Most magick channels information, energy, or some other resource from an external force. I call those external forces ethereal software. And, if you’re using software, it really does pay to use the best software available.

Last time, on the advice of the spirits training me, I’d selected the more advanced software they use to handle manifesting*. Why? Well, I figured it was because I was skilled, and the spirits thought I was ready for it.

Turns out, not so much. They wanted to give me a challenge, to force me to practice my communication techniques really precisely, so they gave me unforgiving software that simply failed if you communicated poorly. And it accomplished their goal: I learned to communicate much better.

But, now that I can communicate properly, they let me in on the secret: Most of the spirits themselves use the easier, less-advanced manifesting software. The advanced one is only used by manifesting specialists, and even then, only when they want to optimize their results. Other than that, everyone uses the easy software, which corrects for poorly-phrased requests and generally anticipates what you want, even if you don’t ask in quite the right way. And now that I’m using that easy software too, well, manifesting is much easier.

So, lesson one: Pick the easy software. Only go with the advanced software if the easy one really doesn’t solve the problem you have. Don’t just go with advanced software because you think it sounds cool.

*Both manifesting and psychic intuitions deal with predicting and influencing events. Most simply, manifesting is when you explicitly ask for information, while psychic intuitions are when the software continually sends you info.

My Brain is Experienced at Communication

Last time, much of my debugging focused on learning better communication. I’d been focused on learning more advanced techniques, and once I learned the proper way to communicate with the software, it was able to connect to my mind in only a few days.

But this time, it only took a few hours. And the difference wasn’t a new communication technique — I’ve been resting, using the magick I know how to do but not learning anything new. So what changed?

It’s not a new technique, it’s that my brain is good at communicating this way now. It’s accustomed to receiving information, adopting a new signature that’s been dropped into my mind by a spirit or some ethereal software. Which makes it easy for the software to connect to my brain now.

Nothing I could have done differently last time, but it’s nice to know that simply practicing communication really does have a big impact on how easy it is to activate psychic intuitions.

I Know What to Ask For

Step one, both last time and this time, is to ask the software to “connect to me in the appropriate way for long-term communication and guidance,” and let that set up until my brain is no longer tired.

Step two is to ask the software for the specific info I want. Last time, I just asked for “useful information.” This time, I asked for:

  • Warnings about physical or other serious harm, with the message sent as emergency messages that get my attention.
  • Any info useful for the task at hand or the near future, sent as normal communication that I can read if I’m paying attention.
  • Answer questions as I think them, whether sent to the software or just thought in my head.
  • Tell me which of my goals are good, and which are bad, as I think them.
  • Create continuous luck in whatever goals I’m working on. (Only for good goals.)

Several of these requests prompted the software to set up more connections to my mind. For emergency messages, it connected to my emotional centers, so it could create a feeling of panic. (I know, because it tested it.) And for answering questions as I think them, it passed through the energy layer it had been using, and instead connected directly to my brain, so it could read questions that I wasn’t specifically sending to it. (I think that’s what it did, anyway.) The point is, asking it to just connect to me only set up the basic connections, and as I requested more information, it added more connections to provide it.

Which, I think, comes back to using easy ethereal software. Because if I was using the advanced software, I probably would have had to ask for each new type of connection before any of this worked.

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