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Unexpected question from a computer scientist friend:

Can you make ethereal software that re-programs other ethereal software? Can it re-program itself?

First, why does this matter? Well, it would let you take some ethereal software for energy healing, make a meta-software that acts on your healing software, testing it in various ways and noting which situations it works well and which it fails. Feed a bunch of healing softwares into your meta-software, and it can note which healing softwares are better for which situations, and when a healing request comes in, send the request to the best healing software for that problem. And, potentially, it could even re-program all of the healing softwares we have available to take advantage of new techniques we develop. It automates the task of exploring and improving ethereal software, letting us act on many more pieces of ethereal software than we could on our own.

So, can we do that? My answer is a tentative yes: I program ethereal software by sending it messages using standard communication techniques. And ethereal software can send messages using those same communication techniques. So, while I’ve never seen this done, I can’t see a fundamental problem.

But maybe you’ve done more testing here than I have. If you’ve worked with servitors, egregores, or some other system’s equivalent of ethereal software, please, share your results in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Recursive Ethereal Software”

  1. Jeffrey Le Fleur says:

    I was thinking of something very similar to this just the other day, tentatively referring to it as a hub/translation matrix.

    The basic idea was to have it connect to all software that you have access to and have it “upload” their various form of syntax. Then have you, the user, give a single command, and have the hub translate to the various softwares and use them all in a concerted effort.

    I have not started playing with this as yet, but it appears to have the potential to allow one to use the best of each system with a single command.

  2. Stormmer says:

    Yes it is possible. I started an experiment one year ago, some weeks after I stumbled upon your blog.

    I called that ethereal software Netfly. It’s job was to filter data received from me and my softwares to ensure a better connection and as well try and understand the functions better. The first usage was to store in it, like a main.class for some of my softwares (my meaning which I got access to). Some time later I as well managed to hack other softwares via it, more like Netfly created an energy signature which allowed me to get into most softwares…a bit like a software on it’s own, but it was only a method (as in function of a programming language).

    I used to to create new softwares, modify already existent ones, even share some of them with people. One of the softwares created I call Entropy Field changed the energy signatures within an area and making them incompatible, basically distorting the coding and/or making it hardly accessible. It was a success , I used it on myself and others as well and it really proved to be a hard thing to deal with when trying to target a certain affected area or exchange information with that area.

    Another thing about it was the fact that it seems there are “programming languages” in softwares as well. Mostly they use a certain methods already built in the library like the ITA_gap method, which basically makes transition between energy signatures and physical reality, and a few others which contain information on the energy signature logic (which is very non-linear). Most softwares are pretty easy to access, but others require understanding of the actual process. For example, there is a series of softwares which are a bit sentient and they spread somehow. They got a feedback feature which makes them develop by themselves, as in debugging and gaining new features, then going to the next person and so on. They got a programming which instead of using lots of methods like most softwares, it has only one library and uses everything on the same page without short-cuts.

    There are lots of things to be said about it, if you want I will PM my experience.

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