Direct Magick in Action: Energy Healing

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

In exploring magick, I’ve worked with Reiki and Therapeutic Touch* healers. In each case, the healing energy comes from ethereal software. Healers usually call that energy source “The Universe” or “Source” or something similar, and that’s fine — anyone can use whatever term they want. This book is about Direct Magick, so we’ll call that source “ethereal software” (in general) or “healing software” (to be more specific).

*Therapeutic Touch is the energy healing system used by registered nurses.

With each healer I worked with, the pattern was the same: When they got into the mindset for healing, their mind would tug on their connection to the healing software, and it would engage with them and start reading their intent. They would connect to the client, usually by almost-touching them, but sometimes by looking at their picture, speaking to them, or one of the other ways we establish magickal connections. The software would either send energy through the healer, or send the energy directly to the client. Then, after the healing session was done, the software would stay connected to the client, slowly sending more energy to maintain the healing energy shift.

How does the healer connect to the software in the first place? It’s part of their initiation / attunement. The teacher (who already works with the software) simply asks the software to connect to the student.

And how does the energy actually affect a person? That’s a much bigger question, one that gets us into the physics of magick. We’ll touch on it in Part 3 of this book, and explore it in future books.

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