Direct Magick in Action: Psychic Intuitions

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

I’ve also worked with psychics as I’ve explored magick, and even become psychic myself. As with energy healers, in each case, the psychic’s intuitions were coming from what we would call ethereal software. Like the visions of angels in the LBRP, it’s possible to trace the connections from the person back to their software, see the messages traveling along that connection, and work with the ethereal software yourself.

If psychics don’t do rituals, and aren’t initiated, where do they get their software? I cannot know for certain, but many psychics report having intuitions since childhood, and say that a family member also had intuitions. I believe that, in most cases, the family member’s ethereal software connected to the child, providing them the same intuitions as the adult, and stayed with them through adulthood.

Seeing this source as ethereal software, rather than some infinite, awe-inspiring force, has let me figure out how to do many things I couldn’t have done otherwise. For example, one friend, a nurse, was unhappy with her psychic intuitions. She wanted information about patients’ medical concerns, but was mostly getting intuitions about physical danger and when friends would phone. So we found software better suited to her interests, told her old software, “Disconnect from her,” then told the new software to integrate with her mind. For a few months, she had no intuitions of any kind, but once the software had integrated enough with her mind, she started getting the information she wanted. This is simply how I normally interact with ethereal software, but if we’d conceived of the information as coming from a universal source, we probably wouldn’t have even thought to look for another one.

I used that same ethereal software to become psychic myself. There were a lot of details to debug, but the concept is simple: Tell the software to connect to my mind, tell it what information I wanted, and just listen. Again, this is part of the normal way I interact with ethereal software. (The debugging was around how to handle that connection, and how to listen. We’ll see how to do that in Books 2 and 3 in this series.)

How does the ethereal software know what will happen? That’s a very difficult, unsolved question. But I hope that, if we get enough people wondering how magick operates, we can make some progress on it someday.

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7 Responses to “Direct Magick in Action: Psychic Intuitions”

  1. Alestes says:

    Following one of the accepted theory of quantum mechanics, all possibile universes (futures) exist contemporaneously. They collapse in one single present only when a choice is made. Maybe ethereal energy only describe the most probable of future, knowing that most people act according to mechanical behavior.

    • First, thanks for commenting! I think it’s awesome to get more voices in the discussion. Now, I hope I can disagree with your idea, and still have you comment more in the future.

      That’s actually not what the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum physics says. It says that, each time a measurement is made and it seems like the quantum state collapses, that instead, the act of measurement could split off another universe where the measurement went the other way. It has to do with possible universes in the present, not the future.

      (And in general, I’m suspicious of attempts to explain magick using our current understanding of physics. We don’t see biology, psychology, or other sciences trying to tie in to quantum physics, and I don’t think magick should try at this stage, either.)

      • Yvonne says:

        now I wonder, even though I came to this post very late: since everyone HAS built-in ethereal software, isn’t everyone potentially, if not inherently psychic? It’s a matter of learning to use available tools and apps?If this is the case, it has implications for a field of something called “magick” I would think, or at least learning how to use the apps and software of magick. In other words, even though magick seems to be esoteric and for the initiated, perhaps it shouldn’t be…sorta like… science LOL

        • I think we’re finally on the same page, Yvonne :)

          I think of magick like technology. Building it is esoteric, and using early-stage technology is esoteric — think about computers 50 years ago, or websites in the 90s. But as a technology matures, it becomes easier to use, until it’s ubiquitous and just part of everyday life for most people. I’d like magick to see magick get there someday.

          (And, for readers trying to learn my terms: Everyone has ethereal muscles. Ethereal software is my term for the external forces. But everyone should be able to access those forces, too.)

  2. John says:

    It seems as though life in and of it’s self is a magical experience and exchange, meaning life happens according to which software we are connected to. I am very curious as in how I can dis-connect from a software that seems to run things in my life, as in poverty. Then reconnect to a software of abundance….Thanks, John

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