The Very Basics of Manifesting

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Amitabh asks:

How to create luck using the ethereal software? Any specific commands to be given?

The command itself is simple: “Make X happen,” “Make me successful at X,” or anything along those lines. X would be, “Finding an awesome job,” or “Good conversation with Joe, the friend I’m arguing with,” or, “Giving a presentation that impresses my boss.”

(I personally use many other commands, too. Those are for other, not-very-basics posts.)

But there’s a gotcha: You have to get that message to the ethereal software that handles manifesting. Which means one of two things must be true:

  1. The software has made sufficient connections to your mind to respond to your messages. (Most likely option, if you’re learning the basics.)
  2. Or, you can prepare messages and hand them to the ethereal software. (That’s level 2 communication, or higher.)

Just thinking the message won’t cause magick. The key is getting the message to the software, which does the actual work. You can do that in lots of different ways, and if you already work with psychic intuitions or other forms of magick, you might already be doing option 1. But if you’re new to magick, see these two posts for a quick guide to using the ethereal software for my book.

(I’ll cover that in more detail in my book, which I really seriously will resume writing soon.)

Bonus question:

Would an affirmation sort of statement be accepted as a command?

Some people recommend saying, “I will find an awesome job,” rather than, “Make me find an awesome job.” I think Amitabh is asking if that works.

Two answers:

  • I could certainly imagine some ethereal software designed to accept that as a command. It wouldn’t be hard to program.
  • But, the software I use is simply confused by that statement. (I just tried it.)

So, for doing magick, I’d recommend, “Make X happen,” rather than an affirmation.

Why do some folks recommend affirmations? Well, magick is just one tool to get what you want. Confidence, persistence, and other aspects of psychology (not magick) are also important, and are probably easier to learn. If your goal is confidence — or if you’re writing a book designed to give readers confidence, but borrowing the language of magick for inspiration or marketing purposes — then you might use affirmations.

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2 Responses to “The Very Basics of Manifesting”

  1. Amitabh says:

    Thanx for the info. Was unaware of your previous posts on Manifesting. It did mention about “Make” based command.

    I feel the difference is more to do with invocation and evocation. Maybe the software operates on evocation model at present.

    Will try out with the “Make X happen” based interfacing.

    Any commands to include time factor? Like “Make X happen with y days/weeks/months” sort of?

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