Debugging Psychic: Over-Practicing

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A few weeks ago, I woke up without any psychic information. Here’s how I fixed it, which might help you debug your own magick.

First, I contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting and psychic info. (“Ethereal software” = My term for the forces we channel for energy, info, and other magick.)

Normally, to talk to that software, I just think in a particular mental posture, and it picks up my message. That’s one of the benefits of integrating the software with my mind for psychic information. But that wasn’t working that day.

So instead, I prepared a message, packaging up the signatures of my mind as I thought each word. I found a still-good connection to the psychic software, recognized it based on its signature. (If I didn’t have a connection already, or couldn’t recall its signature, I would have found it the same way I initially found it, by asking a spirit I know.) And I asked, “Why aren’t you connected to my mind for simple communication?”

It’s answer: Yes, the connections weren’t working properly this morning. Probably, when you slept, part of your mind shifted — this sometimes happens when you practice hard. I’ve fixed it.

And it had. But what happened?

By “part of your mind shifted,” I think it meant that the parts of my mind it communicates with changed signature slightly, so its connections to them were in the wrong signature.

Why? Here’s my best guess: A few days before, I’d trained in some new concepts, which stretched the parts of my mind I use for communication. That stretching was exhausting, but in a particular way, like working on a hard math problem or holding an entire computer program in my head. I had to rest for hours after each session.

Once those sessions were done, I rested for a few days. And it seems that, during that rest, the parts of my mind involved in communication changed. Hopefully, they became stronger, or more flexible, or otherwise better. But whatever happened, it shifted my mind’s signature. The result? My psychic software’s connections were now in the wrong signature for my mind.

The solution was easy. But I’m glad to know it, because this will likely come up again for me, and maybe for you. Hope it helps.

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