Part 2: Magick Quickstart Guide

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

In Part 1, we saw that you need two things to do 90% of magick:

  • Ethereal software — the forces we channel, present in most systems of magick under a variety of names.
  • Alert ethereal muscles — the parts of your mind that move magickal stuff and connect to the ethereal software.

Each system of magick has a way to do this. Initiations, attunements, even just growing up with people who do magick, they all do basically the same thing: Connect your mind to that system’s software, and awaken enough of your ethereal muscles to become aware of it.

For this book, I’ve boiled that process down into this quickstart guide. First, we’ll connect you to ethereal software by having you focus on a sigil — not an ancient mystical symbol, just an image I attached to some ethereal software. Then, we’ll use that software to start awakening your ethereal muscles. At each step, I’ll explain why we’re doing it that way, and how to know if you’ve succeeded.

If you’re new to magick, this will probably take a few weeks, practicing 10 minutes a day and an hour on weekends. If you already practice magick, you can probably complete these exercises in an afternoon, though if an exercise is tiring, spend a few days on it — it might be a skill you haven’t practiced yet, and learning it could help you become better at magick, including the magick you already practice.

By the end of Part 2, you’ll be ready to start using magick for energy healing, manifesting, and protection, which we’ll cover in Part 3.

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