Using Ethereal Software

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

There are hundreds of forces you can channel: Chaos Magick’s egregores, Reiki’s “The Universe”, unnamed forces that respond to Hermetic (and other) rituals, sources of psychic information, and other forces built by spirits to handle communication, manifesting, and other tasks. In Direct Magick, we call all those forces ethereal software.

To keep this quickstart guide simple, we’re focusing on one piece of ethereal software. It’s designed to behave like most other software, so the techniques you learn here will apply to other forces you might want to use. This chapter will show you how to connect to it, and an easy way to send it your intent.

Also, a special thank you to the twenty-some readers who helped me test the software. You guys rock!

(Write-up of that test:

Connecting to Ethereal Software

Focus Sigil for my ethereal software on the sigil on the opposite page for 15-60 seconds. The whole thing is one sigil — each symbol that makes it up is independently bound to the ethereal software, then combined into the sigil for redundancy. There’s no particular technique to looking at the sigil, but focus on it, don’t just glance at it.

(Focusing for longer won’t do any harm, but shouldn’t be necessary.)

The software will connect to you, but it will wait for a command before doing anything else. You may not even notice the connection, especially if you’re new to magick. That’s fine. We’ll teach you some commands in a minute.

Incidentally, most ethereal software works the same way. Focus on a sigil from the Golden Dawn, OTO, or Reiki, and that system’s ethereal software will connect to you. Whether you can command it is another question entirely — this book’s software is designed to allow anyone to work with it, while other systems typically require initiation. But connecting to ethereal software seems pretty universal.

For experienced mages: Once you notice the software’s connections, pay attention to how they feel. That’s the software’s signature. Think of a name (like “Direct Magick Software”), and mentally associate the signature with that name. Later on, you can connect to the software by thinking of its name and signature, without looking at the sigil.

Aside: How Do Sigils Work?

(Asides are extra information I find interesting. I think you might, too. But they’re not required for the quickstart, so feel free to skip them.)

I’ve always been puzzled by sigils. I mean, if I meet someone in person, or touch an object they held, it’s not surprising that one of these forces might connect to me. But how can looking at lines on a computer screen do anything?

So I stared at some sigils, watching for magickal connections. I noticed two distinct forces, with two distinct signatures. The second force was the ethereal software associated with the sigil, the one I expected to connect. But the first force was a surprise.

That first force was the same no matter which sigil I looked at. Golden Dawn, Reiki, Enochian, others. The force was always the same, with the same signature.

So I did what Direct Mages do: I connected to that force and told it, “Give me your usage instructions.” It explained that it notices when a person is looking at a symbol and connects them to the symbol’s ethereal software. It’s like Google for magickal forces. (For my fellow computer geeks, it’s closer to DNS.)

I used that Google-force when I made the sigil for this book’s ethereal software. I told it, “Associate the sigil I’m looking at with this ethereal software I’m connected to.” It told me the command was successful, but I had doubts. How could it notice if someone I’ve never met stared at similar-looking lines? (I still have no idea, by the way.) And what if there was a step I missed? Other systems of magick use rituals to bind sigils — no one would expect a single command, done in 10 seconds, to be successful.

So I tested it. I posted the sigil on my blog. Readers focused on it. They’d never met me, and never connected to my ethereal software before. Their only link was the sigil.

It worked. Experienced mages overwhelmingly got positive results, and many notices got good results, too. That one command had bound the force to that sigil.

(You can also bind ethereal software to a ritual, so anyone performing the ritual gets contacted by the software. I suspect that works in the same way, but I haven’t done it myself, so I’m fuzzier on the details.)

Commanding Ethereal Software

Once you connect to the ethereal software, you’ll want to send it your intent: “Make me successful in finding a job,” “Heal this person,” and so on. There are lots of ways to send your intent. We’re going to learn two in this book.

Here’s the simplest method: Focus on the sigil, to get the ethereal software’s attention. Repeat your command in your head (or out loud) for about a minute. The ethereal software should read your thoughts and act on them.

A few notes:

  • Focusing for more than a minute won’t hurt anything, and some people only need to focus for a few seconds. One minute is just a general guideline.
  • This only works with this ethereal software. It’s designed to be easy to use, so we added this feature. Other software requires other methods, and often requires initiations.
  • Magickal communication happens in concepts, not words. If you speak another language, translate the commands into your native language. If a phrase feels awkward, replace it with something more natural for you. And if you think in pictures rather than words, translate the command into whatever imagery feels natural to you.

Aside: Why Learn Other Communication Methods?

This method is so easy. Why learn anything else?

Because this method puts 100% of the work on the ethereal software. It has to figure out how your mind works, then read your thoughts. What’s easy for you is hard for the software.

This method also tends to be imprecise, like talking on a phone with static. It works for simple phrases, which is all we need for now. Later in this book, we’ll learn another method that lets us communicate details more clearly.

For experienced mages: Do whatever you normally do to send out your intent. This book’s ethereal software should be programmed with all the normal methods of communication, and they should work better than the extremely simple method we just discussed.

(But remember, the forces you normally use have had time to learn their way around your mind. This force hasn’t had that time, so for now, keep your commands simple, and follow the exercises in the next few chapters.)

Success: How to Know You Did it Right

I like to end each exercise with a self-test, so you can verify it’s working for you.

To make sure you can successfully command the ethereal software, tell it, “Give me obvious connections.” Within a minute, you should notice a tingling or pressure. That’s the obvious connection. When you’re satisfied, tell it, “Stop making that obvious connection.” (Otherwise, those sensations can eventually turn into a headache.)

Congratulations! You just did your first bit of Direct Magick.

My readers helped me test this on my blog. About 3/4 of them noticed the obvious connection, including quite a few people new to magick. About 1/4 did not notice anything, and most of them were new to magick. It’s common for novices to not feel connections or energy, so if you don’t feel anything, that’s OK. Just continue with the exercises, and return to this test in a few weeks.

Aside: Magick and Placebo

Let’s say you’re in the 3/4 of people who feel this. How can you be sure you were feeling connections and not placebo?

First, I don’t want to over-promise. This chapter isn’t about convincing hardcore skeptics that magick is real. That’s a bit much to expect from a novice mage (that’s you) or a short book. But let’s see what we can do to decrease the likelihood that you’re feeling placebo, so you can be more confident in your magick.

Instead of creating the sensations in yourself, let’s create them in a friend. Get a friend who’s also interested in magick. Give them this book. Have them practice until they can each feel the obvious connections, too.

Then get together. Both of you look at the sigil, then have your friend close their eyes. Touch them and think, “Give them an obvious connection.” Verify that they feel it.

Now, the control condition: Repeat that, except sometimes, touch them but don’t think anything. Verify that they do not feel the connection when you don’t ask for it. (And make sure not to change your breathing or touch, or do anything else like that.)

See what happens. Don’t expect 100% accuracy — nobody is perfect, and sometimes your friend will anticipate the connection, or be distracted and not notice it. But when I do tests like this, I’m impressed with the results, and I think you will be too.

(Why touch the person? It makes it easier to tell the ethereal software what you want. Later, when you have more experience with ethereal software, you can make the tests more rigorous.)

What if your friends aren’t interested in magick? Then do the exercise solo, and be proud that you’re testing your results as best as you can right now. We’ll have more tests soon.

Disconnecting from Ethereal Software

Whenever you’re doing magick, it’s a good idea to disconnect from ethereal software when you’re done. If you don’t, the connections and energy may cause a headache.

This book’s software is designed to be easy for beginners to use. By default, it will disconnect from you once you ignore it for around 30 seconds.

If you’re working with other ethereal software, perhaps from other systems of magick, you may have to choose to disconnect. For example, thinking, “I’m done with magick for now.” You can use that command with this book’s ethereal software, too.

Aside: Multiple Commands

What if you do some magick, then think for a minute, then want to do more magick? Won’t the ethereal software disconnect from you?

As long as you’re thinking about magick, your mind will probably keep the software engaged. Also, when you focus on the sigil again, the software will re-connect. So this shouldn’t be a problem.

Aside: What If You Don’t Disconnect?

What if you’re using some other ethereal software, perhaps from another system of magick, and it doesn’t automatically disconnect? What happens?

Like most errors when working with energy, the worst case is a headache. If that happens, just disconnect from the forces, and rest. You should feel better in around an hour.

If you know how to work with energy, you can heal yourself in a few minutes. First, release the energy in your body, then build new energy with an energy meditation. (We’ll cover that soon.)

“Hold on,” you may be saying. “I got a headache from too much energy. Now you want me to fix it by building more energy? Won’t that make it worse?”

The amount of energy doesn’t actually matter. What matters is the energy signature, or type. Energy influences your body, and the wrong type of energy will make you feel off. After releasing the energy, we replace it with new energy, which will have your body’s normal signature. This helps get everything back to normal faster, and works better than just releasing the energy.

Next Chapter

Table of Contents

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53 Responses to “Using Ethereal Software”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    Sigils work according to the same principle as a basic similarity link. There isn’t anything that needs to “notice” you’re looking at them.

    When you view any image it is “projected” into the brain’s occipital lobe (near the back of your head). If you run the right kind of brain scan you can actually see the image being viewed, or at least a recognizable representation of it. So the sigil creates a pattern of neural firing that has the same “shape” and is therefore similar to that which is linked to the spirit. So this creates a magical connection just like a picture can be used to link a spell to a target, but the link connects to your brain/mind rather than to something external. It’s not actually all that complicated.

    While I’m still on the fence as to whether there’s any difference between what you call “ethereal software” and spirits that occupy the lower levels of various magical systems’ hierarchies, it doesn’t really make a difference in that case whether you’re connecting to a spirit or some other sort of spiritual information/probability structure.

    • It’s interesting, you and I actually agree about most of these items.

      I agree that sigils work on the same principle as what you (and others) call a “similarity link” — that is, the same thing that happens when you look at someone’s picture and connect to them. And, under the hood, I see it working the same way, via this lookup software. I discuss it here: (Note: That’s from when I used the word “system” for what I now call “ethereal software.”)

      And I like the part about the predictable pattern of neural activity. I hadn’t thought about it, and it’s an interesting step to add. Thinking about it, I wholly agree that, if an MRI can read brain activity and decode the picture (which it can, I’ve read the same research), then I see no reason why the forces we work with couldn’t do the same thing. That makes more sense that these forces somehow understanding patterns of light and dark pixels on a monitor. Thanks!

      Here’s where we disagree: I don’t see how the nerves that fire in response to a sigil I made up — and I did make it up, it doesn’t mean anything — correspond to the nerves that fire when I think about the signature of that ethereal software. For one thing, the nerves the sigil activates are in the visual cortex, but when I think of a signature, it’s more of a tactile sensation. Second, making those nerves correspond sounds like something I would have to carefully design, and I didn’t.

      Also, the sigil did nothing until I bound the software to it. Which tells me that the sigil itself isn’t the key, it’s something in how I bound the software to the sigil.

      To do that binding, I contacted that sigil lookup software I discuss in the “under the hood” section. I told it to associate the book’s software (and gave it a connection to that software) with “the sigil I’m looking at right now,” using standard techniques for communicating with ethereal software. And it worked.

      Importantly, that approach wouldn’t be predicted by other models that don’t include some equivalent sigil lookup software / egregore / whatever name they use. (This model also lead to a technique for getting a solid connection from photoshopped photos, which also wouldn’t be predicted by any model without that lookup software.)

      That’s why this sigil lookup software is in my overall view of magick: It gives accurate, useful predictions — techniques that work, that other models don’t single out as particularly interesting.

      And, yes, it still does seem just as odd to me as it does to you. :-)

  2. Ananael Qaa says:

    I think you’re misunderstanding my point a bit. I’m not saying that there’s anything special about the sigil itself; for a similarity link to exist at all it has to be similar to something. When you make up a sigil, yes, you do have to associate it with something for it to work. But there’s nothing novel or new about that – it’s precisely how chaos magicians have been working with servitors since the 1980’s. Furthermore, if your servitor doesn’t have a limited lifespan anyone else can connect with it using the same sigil whether or not the servitor “knows” the sigil is being looked at. The same is true of working with grimoire spirits, and that sort of work has ancient origins.

    So whether the “book software” is a spirit or a program or an egregore or whatever, when you create it you do have to do something to associate it with the sigil. My point is that once you tell your “software” to synchronize itself with the sigil it will continue to resonate with it and therefore for any subsequent use there’s no explicit lookup step. When you hold the sigil in your mind, the similarity link is formed by the neural firing pattern, which in turn is governed by the sigil’s exact shape. You don’t need to “design” the nerve pattern created by the sigil because the pattern is shaped like the image itself. That’s just the way the human brain works.

    Does that make more sense? We may be getting hung up on terminology again.

    • No, I don’t think it’s terminology. I think it’s a genuine disagreement. I think these links, based on pictures and sigils and the like, are complex, and require some complex mechanism to make them operate.

      But you highlight one reason people haven’t noticed how complex these sigil-based connections are: We’ve been using them for decades. Millennia, even. And they are clearly easy to use: You focus on the sigil and you get a connection. Whatever is going on under the hood works so well, most people don’t notice it. Which is true of a lot of magick.

      I’ve posted a responds, longer than I can go into in a comment, here:

      And thanks for being the voice of traditional ritual mages here. It really is helpful for writing this book and figuring out how to communicate with all the people I want to connect with. Thanks!

    • Also, did a quick test: Opened the sigil on my laptop, but looked at the back of the screen, so I couldn’t see the sigil. No connections. Indeed, it is something in the neural activity, not the physical act of looking at the object with the sigil on it. Thanks for adding that piece!

  3. Yvonne says:


    As much as I would love to try this, I can’t. There is an implicit agreement here, and with any contract with “spirits” we want full disclosure. I have asked before who you work with on these softwares and programs that you create. Is there no name, no contact information? I assume that your sigil is a psychic language that becomes part of our own “operating system;” to carry the computer metaphor further, how can anyone be sure that there aren’t any hidden worms, virus, etc., when they use your product? What’s the fine print on the contract, if any?

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for sharing what you’d look for in a system of magick! I’m eager to see your system, and the associated book, when they’re all ready!

      Until then, here are a few things to think about:

      When someone meets a spirit and gives it a name — The Divine One, or Odin, or Bob — what does that mean? Anyone can call a spirit anything they want, and anyone can have a vision of an angel while connecting to a spirit. A name doesn’t tell you anything about the spirit, and only working with spirits with friendly-sounding names probably isn’t the best safety protocol. Since names don’t actually mean anything, giving my spirits an impressive-sounding name just feels silly and dishonest.

      I can see why you want to talk to the spirit before using their software, but that’s actually not a great way to set up a system of magick. I asked these spirits to do me a favor by creating this ethereal software, adding the features I need, and teaching me to use it. I don’t want to also ask them a favor every time someone wants to talk to them — that’s why they make ethereal software, so lots of people can try this without bothering them. Also, I don’t see what talking to them accomplishes — if you trust a spirit to connect with your mind and communicate with you, wouldn’t you trust his software to do the same?

      I’ve learned about safety, protection, and fighting through experience. Attacks don’t involve convincing someone to stare at a sigil, and protection is about being able to notice, remove, and prevent connections. What you’re suggesting, with contracts allowing spirits in, simply isn’t accurate, in my experience.

      (Some info on protection: )

      At the end of the day, please remember that I’m writing about my passion. It’s free. It’s a gift. Enjoy it for what it is, and if it’s not your cup of tea, just wait a few days and we’ll have another post.

  4. Carl says:

    “It seems there’s an ethereal software that notices when people look at sigils.”

    Does everyone have equal access to this software? Or do you somehow have to be introduced to it before it will watch your mind and work for you?

    • I don’t know. It seems like it works with most people, since novices are able to connect to my ethereal software using the sigil. Yet another thing I hope to uncover some day, when more people are researching direct magick with me. Thanks for the question!

  5. Tony says:

    Following your computer language model. Does ethereal software perform like a sub-routine in a computer program? Do I need to program a specific ethereal software to perform one or two tasks, but I need a different ethereal software to perform another set of tasks?

  6. Dylan says:

    Read your article at work during a break. I tried the connection in the company cafeteria. I felt a tingling in my feet and legs and around the side of my head. It wasn’t unpleasant but a bit surprising. I think gave the command for the computer scheduling department to run a job for me on the computer they told me before the break this wasn’t going to happen. Then I disconnected and being a little it skeptical I was again surprised that the tingling went away. It was really disconnected. When I went back to my desk the job had been submitted. I am pretty new to magic, although my wife has called me a witch for awhile.I look forward to the rest of your book.

    • Awesome. I’m really pleased the sensations are working for you. Thanks for taking the time to write this feedback.

      (Was the scheduling job affected by the magick? No way to know, based on one incident. But great that you’re trying it and recording results!)

  7. MasterInPractice says:

    Hi Mike.

    Thanks for creating this site. I’m relatively new to consciously studying, understanding, and practicing magick. I have done a lot of channeling/automatic writing and have been working with affirmations (which I’m new to practicing regularly) recently with a teacher but am new to sigils and focusing on them as you suggest.

    When I focused on the above sigil and issued the command “show me obvious connections” without knowing what to expect, I first ‘received’ many visuals via imagination of different people I knew, one person after shown after the other, the connection was perhaps to show different people I knew, all connected by my thoughts. Then the image of the sigil began to come more into consistent focus and began to slowly pulsate, gently flashing and growing lighter and darker with each pulsation. Can you relate to that?

    I’m enjoying studying and practicing this material. My intent with it is only for positive purposes in the most loving way possible.

    Thank you.

    • Awesome! I love hearing peoples’ experiences when working with this material.

      I personally don’t get visions like that. And knowing the ethereal software, those visions didn’t come from it. But the interaction of your unique mind with a bunch of magickal stuff produced that really cool experience, and I think that’s awesome.

  8. Lorenzo says:

    after giving the command “prepare my mind to communicate with you” is the energy meditation the same as what you had first posted for beginners to do? i was practicing that but wasnt consistent so im starting over with this new method you have came up with.

  9. George says:

    Good update on the placebo bit.

    Some of the first “magick” I ever did was along those lines. At school, when bored, I would attempt to send “sensations” to other people I’m the class and get a reaction. Originally I did this by sending “beams of light” from my eyes, to not much effect, but later I would “summon a feeling” and “transmit” that to them, which worked really well. You could get people “worked up” pretty quickly…

    Obviously I didn’t know what I was doing, just relieving tedium, but interesting the similarities.

  10. Takeo Otori says:

    Hi Mike,
    I have the same experience – the Sigils begin to pulsate when focusing and they start to look like a face (eyes, nose, mouth) – I’m NOT kidding!

    And please can you write a complete list of the commands?
    Is ‘heal this injury’ or ‘awake my mental muscles’ or ‘guide me’ or ‘establish connections to my mind for psychic institution’s still programmed and active?

    • Very cool!

      All the commands we’ve talked about before should still work. I’m still exploring all the commands, so there’s no exhaustive list, but the next section of the book will cover more of them.

  11. Jared says:

    Hi Mike,

    What exactly can your software do? Could I actually use it to heal someone, or manifest? How about to send a simple message to someone?

    Just trying to find out the limits. I don’t want to waste time trying something that’s not even an option.


    • Hi Jared, the software has commands for healing and manifesting, which I’ll be covering later in the book. (Which I’ll get back to after my contract work ends.)

      I’ve thought about sending messages to experienced channels. It would be a great test of communication. But that would be a research project, not something already in the software. Great idea, though.

      And, more broadly: Don’t just take my word for it. Test it out. See what works. That’s a big part of being a scientist, and it’s something I want to encourage more mages to do.

  12. Jared says:

    Hi Mike,

    Good news: the manifesting command works. I told your software to “Make me cross paths with (insert ex-girlfriend’s name).” I used those exact words. About a day later, I came across a Facebook post from a friend and saw that she had posted a comment. I posted a comment myself, which she would see. This seems minor, but this has never happened in the five years since I left her.

    What I find interesting is what the ethereal software considers “crossing paths.” Apparently this includes the web. What I’m wondering now (and trying to discover) is how the software interprets these kinds of commands. I’m going to word the request differently to see what kind of different results I get.

    Another training question: Once I’ve become familiar with the software, where should I take my training next? I’m doing okay with mental posture and building energy, but I haven’t really found a good partner, so I haven’t extensively practiced any techniques.


    • Hi Jared, sorry for the slow reply. I’m thinking about the right direction for learning Direct Magick, as for how to arrange my book. Next is probably to learn some commands for healing and protection, then to get into sensory connections.

      I’ll return to the book later this year, once my consulting contract ends, and will have more concrete guidance for you then.

      Until then, explore, and have fun!

  13. Diane says:

    Hi, Mike,

    When I focused on the sigil I asked “Let me know when I’m connected”. I immediately started getting really dizzy. Did I do something wrong?

    • It’s hard to say. First, I assume the dizziness was short-lived, is that the case? If so, try again, but ask “Give me a *gentle* connection.” The obvious connection is designed to be obvious to people with little experience, so if you work with energy (or are just naturally sensitive), it might be a bit overwhelming. As long as it goes away once you ask the ethereal software to disconnect, there’s nothing to worry about.

      • Diane says:

        Yes, the dizziness went away when I disconnected and I tried again, asking that I experience tingling. My left hand started to do so… then the phone rang, breaking my concentration. I’ll try it again when I’m sure of no interruptions.

  14. Mariana says:

    Dear Mike,

    First of all, thanks for sharing this amazing content.

    I accidentally stumbled upon your website while researching about magick, looking for alternative explanations for the Book of Thoth, and I must report my experience while connecting to your ethereal software. For the first time in a year of empty attempts I felt something.

    My head is about to burst as I write and while staring at the sigil for the second time – for no longer than a few minutes – the lines started to move, or to be precise, what seemed to be their shadows. Even after I stopped asking for it, I could still see it. I asked then to disconnect keeping my eyes closed for a few seconds, and when I looked back at the sigil, it had turned into a static group of signs again.

    As you also mentioned a possible placebo effect, I’d like to know if there’s a way to make sure I’ve connected, preferably without involving a third part (as I’m concerned about my privacy).

    • Sorry for the slow reply, I got distracted midway through and thought I’d finished.

      That sounds like a success. Congratulations!

      In terms of your own sensations and experience, it’s really hard to rule out placebo. I always feel like a big result like that is unlikely to be placebo, but the scientist in me wants something more rigorous.

      I was about to say there’s not a lot of options, but I just remembered I have a post in the works to do placebo-controlled testing of sigils. You could use that for your own placebo-controlled test. This weekend’s post is almost finished, but I’ll post that soon, maybe next weekend.

      Aside from that, try using it for manifesting, and see what kind of results you get. The proof is in the putting. (The doing of the thing.)

  15. Yves george says:

    I tried to stare at the sigil for a few seconds and then noticed that the lines started to “move”. It’s like the black lines are still static but there are also lines behind them that’s not as visible as the sigils that started flashing as though they are moving. Skeptical at first, i started reading the comments if they have a similar experience. Someone really have that kind of experience but not to the point of dizziness. I just felt pressure in my forehead. Do we need to stare at sigils for us to connect or can we just call on it or something?

    • Awesome, that sounds like it’s working for you.

      There are techniques to connect to ethereal software without the sigil. I’m about to return to the book (yes, really), and I’ll be covering some of them soon.

      If you’re used to connecting to ethereal software, you can use whatever technique you normally use. If not, use the sigil for now, and I’ll have those chapters up soonish.

  16. Lichdar says:

    Just wanted to add – after focusing and lightly meditating, the sigil suddenly appeared to grip my attention. The lines appeared to shift and move, but most specifically, they almost stood out in contrast to everything else.

    I only issued the command “give me an obvious connection” and felt a slight tingling, buzzing sensation in my head – not sure if it was genuine, but it felt like it was as it went away after I issued “stop.”

    The other commands I tried was “strengthen my ethereal muscles” and “teach me magick.” Let’s see how well that works.

    Its a lot of fun!

  17. Euddy says:

    Hello Mike.
    Do the Ethereal Software have a function of absorbing a little quantity of energy from the people its connect to, in order to self maintain or as sort of an emergency server?

    • I’ve never encountered that. I have seen ethereal software that drained some energy as a tax, to be used by the spirits that created the software. But I haven’t seen software that maintains a reserve of power for itself. Interesting idea.

  18. Ryan Stark says:

    Hey Mike. I just tried the command on the software to give me obvious connections. I immediately felt something and if asked where the feeling happened I could easily point it out. You said that you may feel tingling but I actually feel a little pain. It isn’t bd, barely noticable, nothing to worry about I’m just wondering if its normal? The pain seems to be fading, but for the first minute I could clearly feel the pressure on the back left side of my skull. Is this the area where mental muscles are “located” or am I just imagining things?

    • Yes, the obvious connection is fairly aggressive, and people sensitive to energy can experience mild pain. I’m sorry about that.

      In terms of the location, that’s just where your mind experiences the sensation. I don’t think it’s related to a physical location of ethereal muscles or the ethereal software’s connection. Instead, it’s how your mind interprets the message, “There’s something connecting to me” from your ethereal muscles.

      • Ryan says:

        Alright thanks. And don’t feel sorry, it felt good to feel the pain. Allowed me to know even further that this is all real.

  19. Sarah says:

    Hi Mike,

    I feel compelled to write to you first of all to say “thank you” for sharing this system of magick, as well as to let you know that I have achieved fantastic results using this sigil and the directions for its use which you have written here.

    Three separate, seemingly impossible situations were effortlessly surmounted: I was able to secure a dream job, end a terrible relationship in a completely stress-free, fair and rapid manner, and solve a 10-year long health mystery which has eluded countless specialists until this point.

    I am quite confident that magick, and direct magick in particular, played a staring role in each of these achievements. I’ve used many different systems over the years with varying levels of success, but I have never before gotten such rapid, consistent results as I have with this simple sigil.

    I look forward to reading and putting into practice more of your material. Thanks again, and all the best to you!

  20. novus says:

    i have always been fascinated with the idea of magik, even though i do not believe in it. my one question for this is how do i know when my command is recieved?

  21. Z says:

    When I finally got it into my head that all the draws = one sigil I looked at the all the symbols combined and got instant headache. I came back to it a few minutes. Is this normal?

    • It’s not expected, but it’s not too surprising either. People often experience a headache if they receive too much energy or hold it for too long. The term is actually “energy headache.” It’s not common to get that simply from connecting to ethereal software, but it’s certainly possible. Has it kept happening? And the headache should stop immediately when you ask the software to disconnect, does it?

      The “obvious connection” command is even more intense. If you’re sensitive to the ethereal software’s normal connection, the obvious connection could be particularly unpleasant for you. Just a heads up.

  22. Z says:

    After I waited a little while I tried again. This time it took a little while. However now after a decent amount of calling on the software I know the feeling it initiates. It appears around the base of my spine. If I’m persistent I can get it to spread out. I have figured with the in head command “Direct Magick active” and a little attention to the feeling it creates and it will active. However, the obvious command doesn’t work as well… I don’t get much feed back from the obvious connection. However the command for building the connection in the brain to the software works wonders. I keep misplacing the page that has the command…
    Maybe the obvious connection is the normal connection.
    Is it possible for the connection to spread throughout the whole body?, as opposed to just one spot?
    Also what is the energy sensation you get when you activate the software?, mines half tingling half like really light pins and needles/cold feeling.

    • That’s great to hear that the ethereal software is connecting to you. Yes, really light pins and needles sounds like the right ballpark. Try the next few steps, then come back to the obvious connection and see if you get anything in a month or two.

  23. Beginner(just)101 says:

    FIRST I must say thank you SO much for creating this and responding to EVERY single comment since 2014 to ’17! I counted them all (long night) and found that you responded fully to them all! Not many people do that! Also, a question, I tried the sigil thing and it just doesn’t work for me. My mind keeps separating each component of it into separate parts, despite the fact that they all belong into one. I am not knew to magick and am just about familiar with energy. In sort I am a noob. Just. I must ask how do i fix this? Also where did you obtain all this? Personal experience or more? Thanks again!!!

    • Thank you!

      I learned all this through personal experience, and through training with spirits. Some of those spirits are the ones who created this ethereal software for me, then I drew the sigil and bound the ethereal software to the sigil.

      In terms of looking at the sigils, I don’t have a specific technique, but try this: Look at one point, and without moving your eyes just become aware of what you’re seeing in the rest of that one symbol. Note that we can only see clearly in the center of our vision (peripheral vision is rather blurry, and is mostly corrected by the brain remembering what we saw there earlier). So if you can’t see the entire symbol clearly, make the image a bit smaller, or move your screen farther away.

      Write back and let me know how it works. Good luck!

  24. Eric says:

    Am I supposed to focus on individual parts of the sigil or focus on the whole thing at once? I’m having trouble viewing the entire thing, I keep focusing on individual aspects.

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