Seek What’s Hard

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Here’s how I measure progress:

Something I could barely do becomes something I can do three times without rest, if the room is silent.

Something I can do in a silent room becomes something I can do for a minute while tired.

… becomes the default way I do that thing.

… becomes automatic and unconscious, and simply works.

… becomes the building block of the next thing I can barely do with all my focus.

The techniques I learn this year, I could not have done in 2004. Even if someone told me every step, it wouldn’t have helped. Those steps had to become unconscious before I could use them to build anything.

Energy healing requires knowing the signatures of skin, muscle, and tendon; which requires sensory connections to a person’s body; which requires sensory connections in general; which requires control of connections. Each technique builds on the last. (And there are more I’m not listing.)

Practice magick. But don’t just do what’s easy. Seek out what’s hard, practice until it’s easy, then seek out a new hard skill. Before long, skills that are impossible right now will become hard, and a little while after that, they’ll become easy.

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One Response to “Seek What’s Hard”

  1. wallum says:

    I think it’s great that you have devoted so much of your time to this. I dabble in magick a little, but seem to have no real long term focus. I go through periods of intense drive regarding a particular subject (be it a magickal technique, botany, painting, writing etc), but always my interest wanes, to be replaced by a new interest. Admittedly, these interests seem to be on a cycle, so I will keep coming back to them over the years.
    I wish I could maintain my focus on one thing, in order to specialize and hone my skills, but it is just too much fun learning about all the other things.

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