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Every February, I remind you that you, yes you, have unique and wonderful things to share about magick. Your experiences can help others learn and find connection to fellow human beings. Even if you’re a novice, start a blog and share your journey.

I do this in February because it’s my blog-aversary. I started Magick of Thought in February 2010. My writing was awful, no one read it, and that was OK. Write. You’ll get better.

Blogging has taught me to explain magick. Four years ago I was tentative and nervous telling friends about my interest. Now, I’ve done it dozens of times by text, with space to ponder and revise, and it’s easy.

Blogging has made me a better teacher. Today, I wrote the chapter on energy meditations, and included a section on non-visual approaches because your emails and comments taught me that not everyone visualizes.

This year, blogging helped me find my audience. It’s people who know that magick is more complex than intent, that if energy can help pain it can do amazing things, and who immediately distrust anything labeled a natural law because curiosity-stoppers are inherently bad. It’s people who want to figure out how magick works, not because it lets you do useful things (although it does), but because they can’t tolerate not understanding.

These days, when I write, I picture myself at 17, with a vague concept of ethereal software and poor control of energy and connections. It’s letting me write what I want to write, even more than when I started blogging and had zero readers.

Finding my audience and my voice have been wonderful. And I hope you’ll start writing and blogging too, find your voice, and share it with your audience.

Last years’ post (with good resources).

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2 Responses to “Sharing Your Voice”

  1. John W. A. says:

    My blog is “Mystic Journal”, available at:

    I write about different ways to think about magick, I try to shift the paradigm from the thoroughly-explored orthodox methods and models, into new ways of thinking about magick to achieve different results.

  2. Stormmer says:

    Stormmer’s Wrath is my blog – here’s the link:

    I write a variety of articles , most are defined by raw ideas which can be further chiseled by the reader. My posts contains some of the models I am using, some theories, some personal writings and others as well with emphasis on relativity.

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