Spotting the Unexpected

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I’m training myself to say, “Hold on, something unexpected just happened!”

Last week, I learned a better way to read messages into my mind. So when a spirit or ethereal software sends a message, I can place that message into my brain in a more precise way. Clearer communication, less fatigue, good stuff.

This week, I’m training in healing techniques, using that communication method to ask questions and get answers. Only, I’m getting just as tired as before. Which isn’t terrible, but isn’t great.

A year ago, I would have just pushed through the fatigue and done the training. Which also isn’t great.

This time, I said, “Something unexpected just happened! This should be easier than it is.”

The answer is simple: I was focused on the conversation, not the communication techniques, and I reverted to old habits. To fix it, I just decided to focus more on communication. No mistery, no investigation, just a simple fix.

And yet, a year ago, I would have missed this, because I hadn’t yet trained myself to spot subtle-but-unexpected events.

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