Why Rest is Good

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Last month I worked half as much as normal, and still accomplished the same amount.

It’s not that I took two weeks off. I’ve done that, when I do computer consulting, and it really does cut into how much magick I learn.

Instead, I waited until I felt rested before learning more. I’d learn a new communication technique, practice it, verify with the spirit training me that I’d gotten it right, then rest. I’d continue doing manifesting as needed, but I wouldn’t learn anything new. After a few days, when I was eager to learn again, I’d move on to the next technique.

I don’t normally take those rest days. I actually felt a bit guilty. But January was a good month productivity-wise, and also a relaxing month. It was pretty excellent.

I think I was over-working my ethereal muscles before. Trying to learn new techniques before they were rested. To drop the muscle metaphor and use a somewhat-more-accurate-if-less-catchy nerve metaphor, learning new techniques causes my various ethereal muscles to connect to one another, similar to how learning new skills causes nerves to create new pathways. It seems that it’s important to let those pathways rest and firm up before trying to learn anything else.

And one more refinement: I use different ethereal muscles in each technique. I studied communication in early January, and by mid-January, I was eager to learn something else. But when I thought about learning more communication, that eager-ness faded. So instead, I learned some fundamental skills for energy healing. And right now, I would dread learning more energy healing, but I’m eager to learn more communication. Like alternating upper-body and lower-body when you work out, I’m using different muscles each time, giving them longer to recover before learning the next technique.

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