Communicating Emotions, Moving Energy (My Work March 15-21)

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This week, I learned to include emotion in my messages to spirits, like having your voice to communicate emotions when you speak. I also started using special-purpose ethereal muscles for moving energy in my body.

Communicating Emotions

You know how a phone call creates more insight and connection than an email? Partly, that’s your tone of voice, knowing if the person is happy or sad or sarcastic.

When I communicate, I’ve only been focusing on words, not emotions. Which is fine for training or manifesting, but doesn’t quite cut it to ask a spirit about their most exciting project, or to share why you’re frustrated with your research. I’ve been trying to send those emotions by thinking about them as I make messages, but it turns out you need an actual technique, that intent simply isn’t enough.

Here’s how I found out: A spirit was trying a new communication technique with me. It was fast, but unclear, and emotionally flat as I read them into my mind. Which got me wondering how I sound. So I asked, and it turns out, I hardly ever send emotions.

Quick primer on communication: As a person thinks, their neural activity creates different energy signatures. Communication works by gathering those signatures, packaging them in a special way, then the recipient places the signatures into their own mind to receive the thoughts.

I gather the signatures with a network of connections. Think of an upside-down funnel, filled with wires. At the top is the ethereal muscle I use for communication, controling the wires. At the bottom are a bunch of spots in my brain, one for each signature I want to read. (These spots correspond to groups of nerves, not individual nerves, I think.)

I’d only set up the funnel to the parts of my mind that handle words. Sure, there’s a bit of emotion there, too, but not much. And since the funnel didn’t connect to the parts of my mind that handle emotions, my emotions weren’t making their way into the message.

Setting up a second funnel was easy. I engaged several sets of ethereal muscles: One for communication, another for physical and mental effects, and a third for handling connections. They already know how to make these networks of connections — I’m not sure why, but it’s like how your brain and legs kind of know how to walk. So I just asked for another network, said it should be permanent and precise, like the other network for communicating words. Two days later — one for setup, one for practice — I’m sending emotions almost as easily as words.

I don’t know how much impact this will have on my magick. I doubt it will affect manifesting or energy healing, but it should have a positive impact on my relationships with spirits, which is certainly worth a couple of days. (Also, I simply enjoy talking to them, so improving those conversations is worthwhile in itself.)

Moving Energy

It turns out, I’ve been moving energy wrong all these years.

The same thing happened last week. I didn’t mention it, but I was also practicing building energy* in my nerves. Sure, I’d built energy before, but we made two changes: (1) I focused specifically on my nerves, rather than just an area of my body, which helps control the energy signature, and (2) I used a special-purpose ethereal muscle for building the energy.

We haven’t talked much about individual ethereal muscles, but most of them are special-purpose. Some handle communication, others handle connections, some move energy and alter structures to produce physical and mental effects, and still others awaken other ethereal muscles. You can use a muscle for something it’s not designed for — the muscles for communication can alter energy signatures, so they should be able to do healing techniques, for example. But that’s slow and awkward, like typing with your toes. Far smoother and easier to use the right ethereal muscles.

Yesterday, I found that I was using the wrong muscle for moving energy, too. And I learned to engage the right muscle. Today, I’m strengthening it by practicing until that muscle is exhausted, which usually takes 1-3 minutes. I’ll do that ~5 times throughout the day. By tomorrow, it should be ready to go, making it easier and smoother to move energy in my body.

And yes, it’s annoying to discover that I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. But it’s also an easy way to improve. And I’ll take an easy win when I can get it.

*For anyone working through my techniques: This was actually building activation in the nerves, not energy. If energy is like hot water, activation is like heat. The muscle I worked with this week, for moving the energy, converts the activation to energy.

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2 Responses to “Communicating Emotions, Moving Energy (My Work March 15-21)”

  1. George says:

    Use of an emotional component is vital for success with other methods, I find, so I guess it’s going to be the same for direct magick – e.g. summoning the feeling associated with a desire/request, rather than just ‘asking’. That ‘feeling’ aspect is a large part of the ‘meaning’ of a message or the intent; it gives it force for change.

    So, be interesting to see if you find your results improving with this added.

    • That would be nice, but I doubt it’ll happen. Here’s how I figure it: Emotions are great for engaging your mind. If you’re trying to get your ethereal muscles to pay attention, then emotions probably help a lot.

      But for me, that’s a solved problem. I engage my ethereal muscles consciously. So emotion won’t help there.

      This technique was for communicating emotions. So it only affects magick involving communication, which means it only affects magick where we use ethereal software. (If you’re not using any external forces, well, there’s nothing to communicate with.) And I just don’t expect ethereal software to care about emotions, any more than I expect my macbook to run faster when I’m happy.

      So, probably no dice. But we’ll see. Either way, I’m happy you brought it up, and thanks for the encouragement!

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