Communication and Energy (My Work March 7-14)

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I’m reviving My Work This Week. Each Friday, I’ll discuss what I did / learned / explored in the past seven days. And I’ll try to explain everything in plain English.

(I will fail, but at least I’ll try.)


For a year or more, I’ve known advanced communication techniques, but found them too tiring to use regularly. In the past two weeks, I’ve made those techniques my default, and spirits are becoming more eager to work with me.

What Changed

To move an idea from my mind to a spirit’s mind, someone has to (1) gather the signatures that occur in my mind as I think the message, (2) shift those signatures so they match the receiver’s mind, and (3) place those signatures in the receiver’s mind. Then do all that in reverse to send me the reply.

Normally, the spirit handles all that, and the human just focuses on the message. But the more you do yourself, the easier it is on the spirit. For years, I’ve been gathering the signatures from my mind (step 1). But now, I’m also shifting the signatures to a neutral state — not matching their mind, but not matching my mind either. That’s half of step 2. The neutral state is easier to work with, and it’s the standard for how spirits communicate with one another (according to the spirits who train me). Then, when the spirit replies in that same neutral state, I match it to my mind and read it (second half of step 2, and step 3).

I’d learned all that a year ago, but I had to consciously step through the entire process. It was just too much for any meaningful conversation. So I just gathered the signatures, and let the spirits handle the rest.

A few months ago, my ethereal muscles finally got used to gathering the signatures. They could do it without my conscious attention. So I added another small step, involving making those signatures into a stable package. I’d let my muscles unconsciously gather the signatures, then I’d think about packaging them. After a few weeks, my muscles learned to package messages without conscious guidance, and I added the next substep. Repeat two or three times, and the whole process becomes easy and automatic.

Why it Matters

Two reasons.

First, spirits are responding more openly to me, answering questions more readily, being more eager to collaborate. I don’t think it has much to do with the actual ease of communication — they didn’t seem to have a problem before. I think it’s like traveling Europe, either only speaking English vs speaking the local language. It shows a certain respect and effort, and you get better responses.

Second, communication is actually easier. When I match a message to my mind, I do it better than spirits do. Now, they’re still better at all this in general, but it’s simply easier to match a message to your own mind than it is to match it to someone else’s. That better matching gets me clearer replies and less fatigue. I used to get tired after 5-10 minutes, but last night I went 15 or so without much difficulty.

Embodied Energy

The spirits I train with sometimes use odd terms. Or, the concepts translate as odd phrases. “Embodied energy” is one of them. It’s their term for energy techniques specific to humans with bodies, rather than spirits.

This week, I practiced connecting to energy of the nerves throughout the body, in myself and in others. For years, I’ve been able to find the energy of nerve tissue, and spot the energy signatures of injuries, but I normally only look at a few cubic inches of tissue at a time. Here, I’m connecting throughout the body, finding the energy of, well, probably not all the nerves, but lots of them. The challenge is the scale, it’s managing all those connections at once. But it’s getting easier.

I’m also exercising the ethereal muscle responsible for building energy in my own body’s tissues, to get better at building energy around my nerves. Energy from my nerves should cause activity in other peoples’ nerves, so this should have some applications for energy that non-mages can feel, including erotic energy.

One particularly exciting result: After exercising this muscle for a few days, it made many connections throughout my body. When it started, I felt a shift in my body, a dull pressure throughout my skin, and something I can only describe as “shifting sideways.” These kind of sensations usually come with large improvements in my ethereal muscles (or with attacks by skilled spirits, but those are rare). So I’ll take this as a sign I’m on the right track with energy techniques.

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