Explaining Magick? Slow Down

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I get nervous explaining magick. Even to friends, even if they believe too, even after writing this blog for four years. I expect they’ll be bored, or they’ll trivialize my work as just another visualization, another arbitrary way to communicate intent to the unconscious. And so, I rush.

I rush through the model, defining terms rather than explaining the ideas behind them. I talk about one technique, rather than walking them through the overarching model and my reasons for using it. I try to finish quickly, rather than drawing them in so they want to explore the ideas with me.

Of course, rushing creates the exact problems I’m anticipating.

This week, I explained my current work to a friend. I made myself slow down. Explained ethereal muscles before discussing communication. Talked about referred sensations from imagination before discussing the tingles that come from energy. Stepped her through each idea while we had breakfast.

And she got it. She even offered to help me test some techniques.

One more note: Last Friday, I wrote about my work that week. So I’d already organized my thoughts. That helped immensely, and I’m going to do that every week from now on.

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  1. George says:

    Hi Mike,

    Would it be possible for you to do a “summary post” that brings together your ideas in that style – as you would approach talking to someone about them, as mentioned above? It would be a handy navigational recap I think.

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