Finding a (Spirit) Mentor

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Domenick asks:

How does one find a magick mentor?

Common answers: Join an order, like the Golden Dawn or OTO. Take classes at an occult bookstore or online. Go to local pagan events, volunteer, meet people. All solid answers.

But the real answer is: Be interesting enough to attract a mentor.

Organizations want bodies. Volunteer or pay, and you’re interesting.

I’ve never joined magick organizations, though. It’s not that I didn’t want a mentor, it’s just that all the resources I could find were about rituals, religion, or visualization — things you focus on while your unconscious does the magick. But I wanted to understand how my unconscious mind did magick, so rituals and religion and visualizations were all distractions.

My mentors have always been spirits. But they don’t want money, and they don’t need members, so how do you become interesting to them?

I pondered magick on my own for a while. A decade, maybe more. I wasn’t thinking about becoming interesting enough to meet spirits, I was just curious, and it gave me something to do when school was dull.

Spirits started wanting to work with me once I learned to awaken ethereal muscles. At first, it was strictly charity — I’d learned enough to suggest that I could learn more with help, so they stepped up. And as I learned more, more spirits wanted to collaborate, to figure out techniques together, trade training, or just learn watch me do the technique to see how humans are different.

Last year, I learned to communicate the way spirits do. Rather than having the spirit connect to my brain, I would package my thoughts, send them to the spirit, then read the packaged thoughts they sent. And spirits opened up, answering my questions much more directly, treating me as a peer. I think it’s like learning a foreign language: Even if everyone you meet in France can speak English, the fact that you bothered learning French makes them respond differently.

Summary: To find a mentor, learn magick, become interesting, and talk with friendly spirits you meet.

(Also, learn protection — you’ll also become interesting to less-friendly spirits. But you were going to learn that anyway, right?)

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2 Responses to “Finding a (Spirit) Mentor”

  1. Anon. Dragon says:

    Thank you very much for this and all the other posts! This is exactly what I was looking for!

    I will take my time to slowly explore all this, because it seems overwhelmingly huge, but this does resonate on what I have been thinking for a while ago regarding these topics.

    Beautiful work with these blogs, and thank you for sharing for the public. It really sucks that in so many cases info. like this is privatized and hidden.

    Lots of love!

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