New Grounding Technique (My Work March 22-28)

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Last week, I learned to use the right ethereal muscles to build and move energy. Turns out, they produce a different sort of energy than I’d worked with before.

I was practicing moving energy. I built energy in the nerves of my bicep, moved it to my hand, then touched my knee. I felt the energy flow into my knee. So far, no surprises.

I didn’t bother grounding. I usually don’t. The energy I build matches my body’s signature, so there’s no harm in leaving it around. And normally, the energy dissipates perfectly fine on its own.

This time, my knee kept feeling the same intense energy. Tingles and pressure, not unpleasant, but not what I was after. Odd, but easy enough to solve.

I grounded. Simply thought about releasing the energy. But my knee felt the same. The grounding failed.

I haven’t had a grounding fail in, well, at least a decade. (And to anyone who still believes that magick works the way you think it works: Nope, I definitely didn’t think this would happen.)

Maybe there’s something new with how I moved the energy, and I need to put the energy back into the same tissue? Easy enough to test. I engaged those same ethereal muscles, moved the energy back to my bicep. The sensations moved with it, out of my knee and into my arm, then stayed there. So, good news is that I can easily move the energy, bad news is it’s still not grounding.

Let’s try something else. Not particularly expecting it to work, I engaged the ethereal muscle for building the energy in the first place.

Success! That muscle can reverse the process, absorbing the energy back into my system.

I’ve done this several more times, same results. Also did this with a friend, her normal grounding failed. She used another visualization that sounds a lot like grounding with ethereal software, where she opened a channel to the sky and released the energy through the channel. I’ll look into this more next time I see her.

What’s different about the energy? I think it’s more solid. If normal energy is like heat, this is like hot sand, staying where you put it and radiating heat for a long time. Expect more on this in the future, too.

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