Seeing Spirits

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How can I see spirits?

I’ve gotten that question more than once. I understand why: If you can see it, you know it’s real, and you know you’re doing it right. Mages often talk about seeing spirits they summon. Plus it looks so easy on TV.

Here’s the thing: Spirits, connections, magickal energy, and all these other ethereal structures don’t interact with light. There’s nothing to see.

That’s true of a lot of things, actually. You can’t see magnetism. Gravitons deflect light, but you can’t see them, either. And dark matter got its name because it doesn’t interact with light. All real, all invisible.

But what about people who summon a spirit and see an angel?

They’re seeing a vision, an image transmitted from the spirit’s mind to theirs. And either their brain is projecting the vision on top of reality, like a mirage, or they’re being a bit liberal with their words, choosing to say they saw a spirit rather than had a vision of a spirit.

Either way, the spirit isn’t interacting with light. It’s interacting with the mage’s brain, something spirits do all the time when they communicate with us.

What if you want that experience? Tell the spirit you’d like a vision. Ask it to show you what it looks like, or something representative of it. Don’t just assume all spirits will do that automatically — in my experience, most don’t.

Will it work? I expect some spirits are better at sending visions than others, and some people are better at receiving them. But if that’s important to you, ask the spirits you know to introduce you to someone who can do that. Then leave a comment letting us know what happened.

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3 Responses to “Seeing Spirits”

  1. Synchronicity says:

    How about the vividness: daydreaming/imagination-like or seeing/reality-like?

    • I think the vividness of the visions is going to be in those individual differences. Varies with the spirit’s technique, the particular quirks of the mage’s mind, and how well the two line up. (Just my best guess, though.)

  2. mayara says:

    yeah it seems so easy on TV or in movies …I watch several movies in which a soul appeared real ..only a specific person whom the soul wants to talk…before reading ur each blog I thought its easy to see a soul and talk …but now after ur most helping blog m convinced ..thank u

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