Can We Feel Auras? (My Work April 12-18)

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This month, I’m figuring out how to make energy that non-mages can feel. And a good early step is to get a baseline: How effective is the basic obvious technique?

This week, two friends helped me test whether we could feel auras while almost touching. Short story is: Experienced mages can, non-mages can’t. No surprise, but I’m glad to know. Plus I got some helpful data.

Mages Feel Auras

My first helper had been working with energy for a decade. We’ll call her a mage.

Our test was simple: The receiver stands, blindfolded. The sender silently moves their hand close to various parts of the receiver’s body. The receiver says what they feel. Afterward, we compare hand location to sensations.

As the receiver, my sensations mapped closely to her hand position. At one point, I said that I felt her hand in front of my chest, and then heard her cough to my left. I said, “I guess I was wrong there, huh?” She said, “No, I was wondering if you were maybe hearing breathing or footsteps, so I stood to your side but held my hand near your chest.” Which means I was (correctly) feeling the aura of her hand near my chest, and not hearing her and feeling her via proprioception.

Then I became the sender. I had three phases. First, control: I did absolutely nothing with energy or aura, and just moved my hands around. She felt nothing. Success. (I didn’t tell her what I was doing, and lead her to believe I would be testing techniques.)

Second, I engaged my aura. Using the ethereal muscles for working with aura, I thought about making my aura firmer, then moved my hand around. She felt it, and accurately said where my hand was. Success.

Third, I over-engaged my aura. This wasn’t intentional, but after a minute or so, she started to get a headache, and felt sensations coming from wherever I was standing, rather than from my hand.

If we hadn’t had her successful 2nd round, or my successful tests as receiver, I’d say this was just a failed test, that she’s hearing breathing and anticipating sensations. But with those successes, I think this was a matter of me engaging my entire aura, rather than just my hand. I think she felt the aura from my torso, and that my aura built up in some way. I’ll look into that soon, improve my control, then test again.

Summary: Experienced mages feel auras, as long as the sender engages their aura. But there’s a little complexity in engaging your aura correctly.

Non-Mages Don’t Feel Auras

My second helper is open-minded, has an altar to crystals and has felt sensations during energy meditations, but doesn’t practice much herself. We’ll call her a non-mage, though more into this stuff than your average person on the street.

This time, I only acted as sender. Our procedure was roughly the same. And for all the techniques — doing nothing, engaging aura, and actively building energy — she felt nothing.

That’s not surprising — if it really was easy to produce sensations, we would have demonstrated energy to the masses long ago.

But beyond that, this is a very good sign. Why? Because if she was feeling air movements from my hands, or hearing my footfalls, or some other non-magickal cause, she would have reported sensations. She didn’t. Which suggests that we’re not picking up those errors in these tests. Which matters more than any one technique producing sensations.

Also, I’ve been needing an open-minded assistant who doesn’t feel energy, and who won’t get annoyed when I can’t produce sensations in my first dozen attempts. And now I have that assistant.

(Also this week, I did some training in how aura connects to the mind and body. Will probably post about that next week.)

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