Finding My Aura

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Last week, to learn about creating sensations through magick, I went hunting for my aura. This post is about what I found.

“Hunting” might strike you as odd. I mean, aura is the energy around your body. You visualize it as colored light. We’ve all seen the pictures. What’s there to hunt?

A lot, it turns out. Remember, a visualization just tells your unconscious what you want. But I want to actually reach out to these structures, feel where they are and what they connect to. I want to see how they operate, and how they respond as I use them. That lets me understand what I’m working with, design and debug techniques, and connect the techniques I already know to these new structures.

I think that approach is unique to Direct Magick. Not sure though.

Step one was to explore the energy structures I already know. I started with my nerves, one layer below energy. This layer isn’t better or worse that any other layer, it’s just where I’ve found to be the most useful for energy healing, so it’s my default. It has connections down toward cells, and up toward energy.

I expanded my view, to one full area at that in-between layer. (Expanding a view is a technique. Like everything else, it’s not just something I decided I should be able to do, it’s something I developed. It works by making a network of connections throughout the structure, expanding your view until you see a sharp change in signature. That’s one area. This is one of the foundational techniques in Direct Magick, and I couldn’t do much until I learned it.)

Then I went down, toward cells. Well, “down” is how I visualize it — these magickal structures don’t take up physical space. But I found the connections leading from my default layer toward physical cells, like I’ve done hundreds of times in the past for healing sessions. I made sure to follow all the connections throughout the area, so I could see if they all went to one area in the lower, closer-to-cells layer, or if they went to multiple areas. And indeed, they went to multiple different areas.

What does that mean? One area that’s close to cells corresponds to one or a few nerve cells. That’s still an open question. Then, you go up one level toward energy, and one area corresponds to a bunch of nerves. You can think of it as one nerve pathway, though I’m not certain that’s accurate.

Then I did the same thing for my default layer and the layer above it / farther from cells, which is the energy layer. And it’s the same: One energy layer area corresponds to multiple areas in my default layer. Which lets me start building a map of these structures, and how the healing work I’ve done might relate to techniques in the aura.

(How do you tell that you’re connected to multiple areas? Expand all your views. If all your connections are in one area, all those views will “see” each other — each view will notice the connections you’re using to view the area. If you don’t, they are two distinct areas.)

Then I went past energy layer. This is the structure I’m calling “aura,” at least for now, at least until I find some way it’s terribly different from what everyone else means by “aura.” We’ll see.

And I got my first exciting result: The physical sensation of almost being touched. Like you get from proprioception, or when someone actively sends energy. Unexpected (so probably not placebo), and quite pronounced.

Why did it happen? Probably I was using the wrong signature when I connected to my aura, so I disturbed things, which would produce sensations. (Remember, the amount of energy doesn’t matter, it’s the signature.)

And another new ethereal muscle started engaging. Which is another good sign that I’m onto something worthwhile and new.

Technical note: Most tissue (muscles, tendons, etc) only has energy layer, nothing beyond it. Aura seems to connect specifically to the energy layer corresponding to short-term neural activity. There’s another energy layer for nerves corresponding to long-term state, like inflammation, that doesn’t seem to connect to aura either.

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4 Responses to “Finding My Aura”

  1. George says:

    So, your “visualisation” is about opening up and receiving imagery.

    Jerry Epstein’s work includes a few techniques for ‘receiving images representing the health state of the body’, rather than forcing an image on it. Diagnosis imagery, he says. (There’s a specific PDF which covers this, but I can’t find a direct link.) I’ve found it quite useful.

    • There are three distinct things:

      – Visualization, where you focus on a symbolic representation of what you want. The images are based on what you think is there.

      – Receiving intuitions, where you open up and let images / information flow. This is what psychics do. I receive this information as words, but have helped friends learn to receive images.

      – Sensory connections, where you sense signatures of magickal structures, then assemble that information into a map of the world. That’s what I’m talking about in this post.

      It sounds like you’re talking about receiving images, while I’m talking about sensory connections.

      These are difficult concepts to grasp, especially if you haven’t experienced sensory connections yourself. Most systems of magick don’t have a technique for sensory connections, as far as I know. So I can see how, when you hear that I’m receiving information, you assume I’m doing what most people do when they receive information: Opening up and letting images flow into my mind. But I’m doing something quite different.

      Exercises to learn basic sensory connections:

      In-depth series on intermediate sensory connections:

      • George says:

        I guess I meant “imagery” in its broadest sense – all modalities, not just vision. Thanks for the info.

  2. George says:

    To add: The thing I think is most important there is the located feeling that goes along with the imagery. This ‘feeling’ has more information enfolded into it than just the image, I find.

    (Hence some psychologists, particularly Eugene Gendlin, have the idea of the ‘felt sense’ in around centre of your body, which summarises the state of your being or a particular issue, and can be explored to ‘unfold’ this information.)

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