Taking Control of My Training (My Work March 29 – April 4)

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This week, I got over a mental block. I figured out where I’m going and how I’m getting there.

For the past month or so, my spirit-mentors have been setting my path. I give them a broad goal like, “Create sensations even non-mages can feel.” They say, “OK, you’ll need these skills: The fundamentals of effects, level 5; Effects on the body, level 5; Energy control, level 3.” Then they connect me to trainers and I study.

(The levels are how they track skills, like a college might have Freshmen through Senior courses. It’s meaningful to them, but shouldn’t matter to outsiders.)

The posts from the last three weeks are all learning energy control, level 1, by the way. I typically learn 1-2 levels per month, so with what I already know, that’s about 6 months of work.

But I’ve been losing interest, doing shorter sessions, distracting myself when I should be working. (Not just magick — I’ve postponed chores and eaten easier-to-prepare food, too.) I couldn’t see how the techniques fit together, and I wasn’t confident the spirits knew how to produce sensations the way I wanted — they don’t have much experience with non-mages, after all. This is the resistance that comes with not trusting your path.

Well, if I can’t trust their path, I’ll make my own.

I was overwhelmed at first. How was I supposed to design this technique? Wouldn’t that require knowing the answer? And if I knew that, wouldn’t I have a technique already?

But I used to answer these questions all the time. That’s what exploring magick is. So I sat down, loaded the whole problem into my mind (seeing all the moving pieces, in the way a chess player might visualize the board), and got to work.

The rest of this post is a cleaned-up version of my notes. They’re long, but the punchline is: Now that I’ve figured out my own plan, one I understand and believe in, I’m excited again. Eager to learn magick. Even happy to do chores, because that creates time to learn magick later. And taking better care of myself. Life is good.

(This was all Thursday, by the way. Earlier in the week was a little training in moving energy, and a lot of procrastination. I started this work today, and will post about it soon.)

OK, here are the notes:

First question: Overall approach. I could target the brain (to produce referred sensations, like how mages sense energy), or the nerves in the skin (to produce direct sensations, like when you’re being touched). I don’t need the right answer, I just need a reasonable answer so I can get started. Of those two, skin seems vastly simpler, so let’s do that.

What would that technique look like?

Simplest approach is, I build energy, send it to them, they feel it. But that’s just hoping it all works. What would make that work, and how can I debug that or build a more robust version?

Well, i did the energy orgasms a decade ago. So it can’t be all that difficult — it should simply work at some level. Enough energy, in the right signature and the right tissue, should produce sensations in a large portion of the population.

But that doesn’t necessarily lead anywhere, like to better healing techniques. I really want to understand how energy interacts with nerves, or maybe with cells in general.

What goes into that? Let’s start with what I know:

  • Nerves have two energy layers, one for lasting state, another for short-term activity. I probably want to hit the short-term activity, though I might need to do both. Yes, both sounds like a good approach.
  • From energy layer, you can go down several steps toward physical cells. Energy healing works better the closer you get to cells (the farther below energy you go), so that’s probably where I want to work here, as well.

And yet, an oversupply of energy (of the right type) is all that’s required. I still probably want to get into layers closer to cells, since that’s probably important for precise sensations, but that shouldn’t be strictly required.

But how does energy affect cells? Well, cells make energy as they act, and the signature they make depends on their state. Pain looks different than calm, and inflamed tissue looks different from healthy.

To do a healing technique, you put the signature you want on there — wait, no, you put the delta signature on there, the signature that transforms the current one into the target signature. (That is, you make energy that, when combined with the current signature, adds up to the target signature. Much better than trying to flood the area with the desired signature, since it will mix with the current signature and produce something else.)

So, i should probably do that with nerves. That will probably produce the desired change with much less energy. To do that, I’ll need to:

  • Know the signatures that nerves produce when they feel a sensation. I can do that by watching people, using the level 3 effects on the body. Which I already know.
  • See the current signature in real time. That’s the same level 3 effects on the body.
  • Figure out delta signature. I can already do that from energy healing.
  • Deliver that signature. I know a few techniques for that, but probably want to stay away from healing techniques because that’s for long-term change. As a simple first technique, I’d make the delta signature as energy and send it to them. Except I don’t want to use level 1 energy techniques I just learned, because that’s only for making energy in my nerves’ current signature.

So, I need to practice with level 3 effects on the body, maybe learn more on that track. And I need better energy, which isn’t surprising, since I only know level 1 so far.

Let’s also learn to do that level 1 energy technique for my whole body, all at once. That should be sufficient to overwhelm someone, which could be useful for erotic energy. Not a hugely important technique, but seems simple enough to be worth it, and a nice confirmation that I’m on the right track when it works.

Let’s get started. I recall a spirit telling me that, when setting someone’s signature, you want to start with one broad signature for their whole body, then you get more precise as you go. So, let’s start by getting good at looking at the overall signature.

That sounds like aura — the energy layer farthest from cells. Also, I’ll want to understand how all the layers are related, going from cells to aura. And where do I go to get the overall signature? I doubt I do that by making a giant network of connections to all their nerves and then figuring out the overall signature. I bet there’s some structure in the body that does that itself. Maybe aura?

My guess: Close to cells, one area corresponds to one or a few nerves. At aura, one area corresponds to the whole body. And it’s a smooth transition, each layer getting larger and larger areas as you go up.

So that’s what’s next: Look around, figure out the path from cells to aura, and get familiar with all of those structures.

(I started that today. Found some interesting things with aura. Maybe even chakras. I’ll share that soon, too.)

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7 Responses to “Taking Control of My Training (My Work March 29 – April 4)”

  1. George says:

    Is aura the experience of sensing the body as a whole, all at once – much as looking at a painting from a distance gives you the overall impression, while closing in on the individual brush strokes and pigments give a different experience?

    Leads to a question: when you say “levels” or “layers”, is that the same as “scale”? Is the same way as a wooden table is, on different scales, made up of grain, of molecules, of atoms? Rather than layers meaning “depth”?

  2. George says:

    Great. Increasing the magnification and focus vs adjusting the position, would be another way of posing it, I guess.

    • It’s adjusting the position. But I want to tell you how I figured that out, because it’s something that came from working with these structures over months and years, not something I assumed a priori.

  3. Hi George, now that I’ve posted about what I found (https://magickofthought.com/2014/04/finding-my-aura/), I can answer your question:

    These layers are different locations. Not physical location — they all correspond to the same cells. But each layer is a different magickal structure. You follow connections to get from one to another, rather than just thinking about going to a different scale. And from healing, I know that if you change one layer, that change takes time to propagate to other layers. (If the layers were just scales of the same object, then any change at one scale would change all the scales simultaneously.)

  4. JMyles says:

    I have met very few people that have worked with energy like I do, honestly I don’t always understand the how of it, just that it works so I’m loving the insight here. will be keeping you tabbed from now on. This has helped me, especially with non magic folk, to understand what I’ve been telling them.

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