Always Re-Invent the Wheel (My Work May 17-23)

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I’ve been working on techniques to create sensations in non-mages. If we can make most of the population feel energy and magick, that will give us credibility, and potentially lead to research and funding.

But I’ve been ignoring a key rule: Always re-invent the wheel first.

Wait, what?

Why Re-Invent the Wheel

Like everyone else, I can use visualizations to build energy, and mages can feel it. I visualize, my ethereal muscles do something, it makes energy. Easy.

I want to adjust what my ethereal muscles do, add a couple of steps so non-mages feel the energy too. No surprises so far, right?

Here’s the gotcha: In order to add those steps, I need to make each step of the whole technique conscious. That’s lets me see what my ethereal muscles do when I visualize, so I can figure out the right extra steps. And it lets me guide them through everything, inserting the extra steps at the right time. That’s one of the core features of Direct Magick.

And I’ve forgotten to re-invent the wheel. See, the first step in developing a new technique isn’t developing the new technique. It’s understanding the old technique, making each step conscious, practicing until it’s easy. Because the simple act of making it conscious makes everything harder, at least for a while. Best to do just that much, master it, and only then add to it.

So this week, I watched as I and a friend built and sent energy.

What Happens in an Energy Visualization?

My friend and I both visualized to build energy. I also used sensory connections to watch where the energy actually came from and went. We both used different visualizations, and the actual process had nothing to do with either visualization. That’s not surprising — visualization only communicates intent to the unconscious. Your ethereal muscles can then act on that intent in whatever way is most natural to them.

Here’s what our ethereal muscles did:

  1. First, we mobilized the energy in our energy layers. This is a reservoir for the energy produced by body (and other sources). Aura sits on top of it, farther from cells.
  2. To mobilize the energy, we shift the energy’s signature to match whatever purpose we have, then let it flow freely through the reservoir.
  3. To send the energy, we move it through reservoir to our hands, then to the aura of our hands.
  4. Then, as the energy flows out of the reservoir, we produce more energy, drawing from our cells and from our power sources*.

Why does this matter? Because I’d always talked about “building energy,” so I asked the spirits who train me, “How do I build energy?” They taught me to produce and send energy. But that’s steps 3 and 4. I haven’t learned steps 1 and 2 yet.

Which is why we re-invent the wheel: To make sure we fully understand the default technique before we try to modify it.

Next week, I’ll explore and train in mobilizing energy.

Also this week, I caught up on the past month of Ananael’s blog. Three favorite posts: Isaac Newton, esotericist; New Age BS Text Generator (funny); and a review of a book on protection (for my favorite paragraph, search for “fallacy”).

*Note on “power sources”: I used to talk about “core paths,” meaning the paths that connect you to your power source. But I’m finding this makes yoga practitioners think of their abs, which is definitely not what I intend. So I’m sticking with “power source” for now.

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4 Responses to “Always Re-Invent the Wheel (My Work May 17-23)”

  1. Takeo Otori says:

    What about sexual energy?
    U wrote about successfully send orgasm energy – isnt that obvious enogh?
    Can you Program your Software with a command for testing?

    • Sexual energy / energy orgasm was with visualization, too. It worked for a time, when the way I naturally made energy just happened to produce the right kind of energy for orgasms. Then the way I made energy changed, and it stopped working. Because I didn’t have conscious control over the steps, I couldn’t understand the problem or fix it. Which gets us back to this post, where the first step is to make the process conscious.

      I can program ethereal software with a great variety of things once I understand how they work. But first, I have to be able to do it myself. I can’t program something if I don’t know how to do it in the first place. (A few exceptions to this, but true enough.)

  2. Fouad says:

    I really loved book1, would you please let me know how soon will you post book2 and 3 of this series?

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