Energy from Nerve Cells (My Work May 3-9)

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Continuing with sensations in the body, this week I learned more about producing energy in my own body.

First, I learned to pay attention to smaller signatures as I built energy. A bit of background:

There are large signatures, small signatures, and everything in between. It’s like a body, which is made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms. Or a rope, made of twine, which is made of thread. All the scales of a signature are present at each location, and it’s a matter of which you tune into. In general, it requires more focus, practice, and skill to tune into smaller signatures, but you get more precise techniques.

Previously, to build energy in my body, I’d connect to my nerves, engage the ethereal muscle for building energy, and let it do its thing. This week, added a step: After connecting to nerves, I’d adjust my connections to see the small-scale signature of those nerves, then select which small-scale signatures I wanted to build.

Adding that step sounds trivial, but it has a big impact: I not only notice the currently-active signature of my nerves, but also other, currently-inactive but potentially-active signatures. And I can build energy in any of those signatures.

Why does that matter? Previously, I was only using the currently-active signature, so if I wanted to produce energy to calm someone, or arouse them, or produce other sensations, I’d have to get myself into that state first, then produce the energy. Now, with access to inactive signatures, I can select any signature, even ones I’m not experiencing.

But there’s more: Imagine that a person’s normal energy is yellow, and their calm energy is green. To calm them, you don’t want to send them green — they already have a lot of yellow, so adding your green will produce a sort of yellow-green that’s only halfway effective. Instead, you want to send them blue, which will combine with their normal yellow to produce the calm green.

Previously, I could only get green (by calming myself). Now, I can get blue by building energy in only the inactive signatures.

(I call the blue the “delta signature,” because that’s the difference (or “delta”) between their current signature (yellow) and the target signature (green.))

I still need to learn which signature does which state. But now I have the core skills to produce energy in any signature, once I learn what signatures I want.

That was half of my week. I also started learning to make hotter energy.

Hotter? Yes, hotter. Think of energy as hot water. To transfer more heat, you can either send more hot water, or you can send hotter water. According to my trainers and my general sense of things, hotter energy is the way to go, and making more energy probably doesn’t matter. (That sense is related to the general rule that signature matters more than quantity of energy.)

How do you get hotter energy? Well, the “heat” (which I normally call “activation”) comes from two places: The cells themselves, and your core. (And maybe ethereal software for some people.) So, you want to enhance both of those.

I started with the activation from the cells themselves. I engaged those same ethereal muscles, connected at a small scale, then requested energy just from my body, not from core. (If you’re doing this, remember, the words don’t matter — you have to be able to find your core, and know how to control it, before you can isolate your energy source.)

I can’t be sure what happens, but here’s how it looks: Cells constantly produce activation / heat. That activation is stored in some small structures. When I build energy from cells, I’m releasing that activation from those small structures. The cells then refill that activation in a fraction of a second, and I can continue releasing it. This feels rather different than anything I’ve done by visualizing, even when I visualize energy coming out of my cells.

At first, I thought this must be what novices do, before they awaken their core paths. After working with it for a few days, I doubt it. First, it’s exhausting, even after getting a few days of practice. Second, it requires advanced skills — it doesn’t happen just from visualization, and if I connect to my nerves but don’t view the small-scale signature, that doesn’t work either. You need to consciously engage the right ethereal muscles and view your nerves at a small scale, and novices can’t do either. I’ll check soon, but I doubt this is what novices do.

I’m not sure what to do with it yet. There’s no obvious way to get more of this activation / heat from cells. (I do have an obvious way to get more activation through core, which I’ll do next week.)

But I’m kind of excited. Energy produced in this way has a different quality than other energy. One of my trainers described it as, “More closely tied to this world.” It may interact with cells more strongly, which would be useful for sensations and healing. And, because of the steps involved in making it, this energy might even be something new that most people don’t work with. Who knows what I might find?

I’m seeing an energy worker friend tomorrow, so I’ll test this with her. And next week, I’ll awaken more paths through core, which should let me make hotter energy.

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