Hotter Energy (My Work May 10-16)

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This week, I learned to build hotter energy, and control its signature.

(Is “hotter” a new term for you? I explain it toward the bottom of last week’s post.)

My first step was getting more power to my nerves.

Power comes from two directions: Cells themselves seem to make some energy, which I explored last week, but found that I couldn’t really increase. Second, there’s a power source that people seem to get when they start working with magick and energy. It connects to your body and mind by what I call core. To get more power, I opened more paths through core.

I’d done the same thing years ago, when I was awakening my ethereal muscles. I needed more power to feed them all, so I learned to open core paths. If magick were about visualizing things, that would have been easy — imagining pathways opening is simple. But doing it is more complex. I had to guide my ethereal muscles through the process, figuring out which magickal structures to connect to, how to make those connections, and how to activate everything properly. It took about eight years.

This time, it was easy. I used the same technique, opened core paths to my body (instead of paths to my ethereal muscles), and was done in two days. When so much of what I do is a struggle, it was satisfying to have a quick win against a previously-hard problem.

That got more power coming into my body. I also learned to engage more of my body when I build energy.

Before, when I would connect to my stomach or groin or whatever, I’d just use whatever tissue I happened to connect to. In practice, that means only getting a fraction of the cells. This week, I practiced connecting throughout my stomach / groin / whatever, getting the whole organ, and using all the tissue within it. The result is more power, and hotter energy. And on the whole, it just feels good.

(A few weeks ago, I’d said, “I found these regions with distinctive signatures in my aura, they may be the phenomenon behind chakras.” Remember that? Well, I think these two changes may be the phenomenon behind “opening your chakras.” Not that I’d necessarily realize to do these things if someone said, “You should open your chakras.” But, knowing the answer, it seems kind of similar.)

I also practiced making energy in other signatures, to match other people, or to match my nerves in other states. It was a natural continuation of the work last week, where I broke the energy signature down into small units. Nothing to report here, except that I’m getting more precise with the signatures I make.

I wrapped up the week by taking stock of where I am and where I’m going. I’ll paste my notes, edited for clarity:

Where do I stand? And what does the basic sensations / energy orgasms technique look like?

  • I’ve set up power to my nerves, so I can build large amounts of energy. (I don’t think I’m quite building large amounts yet, but that’s a 2-day problem.)
  • I can build energy in arbitrary signatures, more or less. Certainly enough for energy orgasms and other simple sensations.
  • I can deliver that energy to their aura easily enough, and have some idea of how to deliver it deeper, into the paths to their mind.
  • And I know the basic mechanism for sensations, and which paths are involved in sensing energy.

Sounds good. What about that technique? Energy orgasms is probably:

  • Connect to the paths from aura to mind. (Easy enough.)
  • Send energy to those paths. (I can’t exactly do that yet, but that’s a 1-week problem.)
  • Build energy in my body. (Easy.)
  • Send it to their aura. (I feel like there’s some detail in how I send it where. Probably a less-than-1-week problem.)
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4 Responses to “Hotter Energy (My Work May 10-16)”

  1. Takeo Otori says:

    Well about Aura State and such I learned how to shift my mood/feelings/mentalstate myself and copy it to a Person which I have physical connection. That works to decrease drunk state, to shift someone into an xtc feeling (happyness/love overdose) or to make someone awake or asleep. In my visualisation I copy the signature of my mental State + Aura Signature. Dunno if I’m talking bout heat energy here?
    And for heat building (when its cold Outside) i tell my cells to produce that

    • Yes, I’ve done that too. I’d remember my energy signature from when I was happy / awake / whatever, then built energy in that signature, shifting me toward that state. It worked on a friend who practiced magick, too, both as a technique for me to do on her, and for her to do on herself. Thanks for reminding me of that, it was a while ago.

      The work I’m doing now will let me make more intense (“hotter”) energy with a more precise signature. That should improve the results from those techniques, as well.

      In terms of hotter energy, I’m not talking about temperature. It’s a metaphor. Follow the link in the post for details.

  2. wallum says:

    Hi Mike, I have a couple of questions regarding energy orgasms. Firstly, do they feel the same as an orgasm produced by physical stimulation? Secondly, I can ‘run’ energy up through my body, and it flows up in intense waves, which feel like a mixture of excitement/tingling/ecstasy/tensing-of-muscles/going-down-a-dip-on-a-roller-coaster, the feeling is localised as it goes up through my body, and ceases after the wave has finished. This feels, energetically, similar to an orgasm, but I have never considered it such. I have never attempted to achieve this in another person. Would what I am describing be akin to your energy orgasms, or would you classify it as something different?

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