Consciously Building Energy (My Work May 31 – June 6)

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This week, it’s back to basics: What exactly happens when we build energy?

My goal is to understand each step of the process. To do that, I learn to direct my ethereal muscles through each step consciously. When I do that, my ethereal muscles only do what I tell them (more or less). If I miss a step, the technique won’t work. But that means means that when I get the technique working, I’ve got a handle on all the steps.

Then, I can start adjusting those steps to produce sensations in non-mages. (That involves more than just producing energy, but that’s a big part of it.)


The more precise my question, the better training I get. That’s been my experience, anyway.

I started the week by calling the spirits I work with and asking, “When I build energy, what happens?” Then I did an energy meditation while they watched.

We started with background information about energy:

  • There are two things in magick: Matter and energy.
  • Energy exists in matter. Think of it like heat — you can have hot air, but you can’t have a jar full of heat.
  • The flowing energy healers use is tiny particles of matter carrying that “heat” energy. The particles have a signature, and that’s the signature of the energy, too.
  • Where does this matter come from? Lots of places. But living cells produce magickal matter, so we don’t need to worry about that. (I’m less confident in this particular item, the spirits aren’t great on details of how living matter works, but it’s not hugely important so we’ll go with it for now.)

In terms of producing the flowing sort of energy, there are a few things to think about:

  • You’re going to take the formless matter that your cells produce and turn it into particles. We all have ethereal muscles that do that, because we do it during visualization. It took me an afternoon to learn to consciously direct these muscles.
  • The particles can be small or large. Small particles discharge their heat faster, and are better for abrupt changes. But abrupt changes are only useful for fighting. For all other applications, you want large particles, that stay hot longer, and have a smoother release of heat. (By default, I was making medium-size particles. It took another afternoon to practice in making larger particles.)
  • Particles also have a signature. This is the signature of the energy you’re producing. If you think about the desired signature as you make the particles, instead of after the particles are made, the particles have that signature more deeply. I don’t fully understand this, but I think of it like working with metal, casting one solid piece (shaping the metal while it’s forming) vs screwing pieces together later. The solid piece will be stronger. Anyway, it’s easy to do, even if I don’t fully understand the difference.
  • To heat the particles, just hold them next to your energy reservoir, between your cells and your aura. (Again, I don’t fully understand what “next to” means, but it’s easy enough to do.) The heat will flow from the hot reservoir to the cool particles, you don’t need to do anything to make it flow.

That training, plus the practice to do each step individually, was 3 days. I could have done it in 2, but I’m distracted by some non-magickal projects.

(For those of you who like to ask, “How do I know that’s true,” I haven’t gotten there yet. But these spirits have steered me true before, so I’m trusting them now. And I’ll be using this info to build techniques, so if the techniques work, that suggests the info is accurate. That’s how I test what they tell me.)


Today, I’m practicing doing all those steps together, to consciously build energy. Open questions: Where do I build energy? Just part of my body, or the whole thing? What happens when I can keep track of my aura and energy reservoir for my whole body while I consciously build energy? And how do I get a library of useful signatures that I just know off the top of my head? I’ll start tackling those next week.

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2 Responses to “Consciously Building Energy (My Work May 31 – June 6)”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    “The flowing energy healers use is tiny particles of matter carrying that “heat” energy. The particles have a signature, and that’s the signature of the energy, too.”

    If you can prove this, I would be very interested in seeing your experimental results. Parapsychologists have found that psychic phenomena appear to be unaffected by electromagnetic or particle shielding all the way back to Rhine’s experiments in the 1930’s, and if your hypothesis here is correct I expect that they should be.

    Even the Chinese, who are actively researching Qi, have never been able to connect it with any sort of particle or electromagnetism. What they did find is that Qigong masters can emit infrasonic waves, but those are vibrations that have no particular particles associated with them.

    • Thanks! To clarify, I don’t mean particles like atoms, though reading it now, I see I was rather unclear. I mean small magickal structures, similar to connections, but not anchored to anything. Think of it as the stuff that makes up a connection or link. These magickal particles wouldn’t interact with ordinary matter any more strongly than other magickal structures do.

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