Energy Orgasm! (My Work June 7-13)

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It’s working! I created a big, obvious energy orgasm in myself.

Let’s start at the beginning of the week, though.

Producing Energy Particles

Last week, I trained in releasing energy. It involves making tiny particles of magickal structure, like how hot air is really heated molecules of oxygen and hydrogen and other gases. You put the particles in your energy reservoir and they heat up, then you move the particles somewhere else and they deposit that heat.

I started the week practicing that. Not too hard, and I’d feel more energy than when I did a normal energy meditation. Which is the whole point: By making this conscious and adjusting my technique, I should get better results.

I also tested it. I sent energy to a friend using just visualization, then by doing everything consciously. This totally failed — she felt nothing when I did conscious energy. I realized, I only practiced moving the energy within my own body, not delivering it to someone else. Another skill to add to my list. It’s around here that I wrote about the valley of despair.

Energy Signature

I realized, I was building particles easily enough, but I wasn’t really setting their signature. That’s a problem, because to do effective techniques, you need energy in the right signature.

Sure, I was thinking about a signature as I built them. That’s easy. But they weren’t coming out with that signature. All the particles were in a default signature that wasn’t particularly useful.

I thought about which ethereal muscles handle signature. It’s the ones that handle connections, because it’s so important to get the signature just right when you make sensory connections. Maybe they can help?

I connected the particle-controlling muscles to the connection-handling muscles. Easy enough. (I used the “mental activation” ethereal muscles for that. They’re the ones that awaken other ethereal muscles.)

And it worked! After ten minutes rest, I could think of a signature and get particles in that signature easily. I used this to heat myself while walking last night.

Energy Orgasm

This was today. I’m going to post a cleaned-up set of my notes, so you can see how I think about this problem:

At this point, I can build energy in any signature. I can build it in my energy reservoir (and send it down to cells, useful for energy healing), build it slowly in other peoples’ energy reservoirs (again, down to cells, for energy healing), send it to my aura, send it to others’ auras when touching, and send it down the paths from my aura to my mind. I bet I could send it down those aura-to-mind paths in others, too, with a little practice.

I want to develop that orgasm technique now. That feels, well, more immediately useful and exciting than creating a few sensations. (Creating arbitrary sensations is better still, but that’s at least a few more steps. I want something fun and useful now.)

So I tried it, then wrote up these notes. Let me go step by step:

  • Increase power production to get more power flowing into energy reservoir. I did this in the signature my body has when I’m sexually excited. The extra power should let me make hotter energy. I start feeling a little warm and tingly, mildly aroused, though it’s hard to say if it’s placebo or energy.
  • Create particles with that signature. I naturally focused on my groin when building the aroused power, so I focused on my groin for the energy particles, too. No change in sensation.
  • Once the particles are ready and charged, move them to my aura. (Not one at a time, but as a flow of energy.) I expected to feel more sensation, because generally moving energy to my aura produces more of whatever effect I’m experiencing, but I still only feel mildly aroused. I’m starting to think it’s just placebo. (That’s probably the valley of despair talking.)
  • Move the particles into the paths from aura to mind, and wow, full energy orgasm. Took only 5-10 seconds. Overwhelming, wonderful. I didn’t expect it, and it wasn’t a huge amount of energy, just a normal amount in the right spot.

I’m generally wary of techniques I’ve only done on myself. How do I know it’s not placebo? But I wasn’t expecting this, and it was a clear, obvious result. So I’m calling it a tentative success, and allowing myself to get excited. Next, I’ll generalize it to others.

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