Examples of Magick

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

Let’s see how all those pieces work together.

(Each scenario is an example of how that magick might work. Any particular act of magick may operate differently.)

Energy Healing

A man goes to a Reiki healer. She listens, calms him, and channels energy. His pain decreases for a few days.

What happens when she channels that energy?

First, she gets herself into a mindset for energy healing. This engages the parts of her mind that drive magick (her ethereal muscles). Getting into that mindset might involve visualization, meditation, physical gestures, or something else.

Her ethereal muscles contact the force she channels. She first connected to it during her attunement, and now connects to it whenever she does healing sessions. She calls that force The Universe. In Direct Magick, we call it ethereal software.

She connects the software to her client. It figures out the energy signatures to reduce inflammation and increase cellular growth, and sends him that energy.


A woman does a ritual to find a better job, then sends out her resume. A few days later, her interviewer happens to be in a good mood, and she gets hired.

What happened between her ritual and her lucky interview?

As with the energy healing, she starts by getting herself into a mindset for magick, which engages her ethereal muscles. They contact her ethereal software. During the ritual, she focuses on her intent, sending it to the ethereal software.

The ethereal software first connected to her during an initiation into a ritual order. Her mentor didn’t name the force, and she hasn’t either, but she feels its vastness whenever she does magick.

At her interview, the software sends her interviewer energy to shift his brain activity into a happier state. It also guides her, giving her a warm tingle when she’s about to say something good, and a pressure when she’s about to make a mistake. She sometimes misses a warning, but combined with her own common sense, it helps steer her away from trouble.

Psychic Intuitions

A man is about to cross the street, but feels a tingling in his head, like a hundred people staring at him. He pauses as a car runs the red light, almost hitting him.

Where did that warning come from?

The man says that sometimes, the Universe just has something to tell him. We agree with him, but in Direct Magick, we call that force ethereal software.

Sometimes, he asks a question, engaging his ethereal muscles to contact the ethereal software. But warnings are different. If he knew he needed a warning, well, he wouldn’t need it. Instead, the software sends him energy, creating sensations that get his attention.

His mother got these warnings, too. She got the ethereal software from her aunt, and passed it along to him. She never said, “Ethereal software, please protect my son,” but it read her thoughts and knew what she wanted. Some day, he’ll probably pass it along to his children, too.


That’s how most magick works:

  • The mage engages the parts of their mind that drive magick (their ethereal muscles).
  • They contacts the forces they channel (their ethereal software).
  • They send out their intent.
  • The force provides energy, luck, warnings, or other aid.

Does magick sometimes work in other ways? Sure. Some magick involves spirits. Other magick comes entirely from ethereal muscles, with no outside forces. And there are more options, too.

But if you followed these examples, you’ve grasped the terms and concepts of Direct Magick.

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11 Responses to “Examples of Magick”

  1. George says:

    On Psychic Intuitions

    I have a particular example. So, with the “watch out cars are coming” type intuition, one can see how software perceives that coming. However, what about intuitions where there is knowledge that isn’t available in the present. For instance, an instruction to “do this because this and that will happen otherwise in the future as a consequence” – e.g. get your wisdom teeth out or in the future you will eat something specific and it will break, and that specific food and circumstance occurs when you don’t.

    How does the software know this? Access the “future”?

    • Good question. I don’t know how it knows.

      One of my research projects, when I get back to focusing on manifesting, is to see if it’s more accurate on information that’s already “known.” For example, a coin flip: I can ask if the coin will come up heads, or I can flip the coin (but not look) then ask if it did come up heads. Is one more accurate than the other? That would give us some insights into how manifesting and psychic intuitions operate. I’ll blog about it when I start that work.

      • George says:

        Yes, that would be really interesting. My suspicion: I think you’ll find it makes no difference. That’s how some magick seems to have a “retro-causal” aspect – e.g. summon a taxi cab and it appears around the corner a minute later, which means it must have started along its route before you summoned it.

        One possible way to look at it: The universe already has a head start and has taken your ‘spell’ into account ahead of time / your deciding to do that ‘spell’ is itself just part of the flow of events. So whether the coin flip has already happened or not won’t matter: the result and the ‘spell’ will be consistent because the pairing was decided ahead of time really. (I suppose this ends up as a free-will question in the end?)

        • Ananael Qaa says:

          I subscribe more to the “Schrodinger’s Friend” model of how this works than some kind of retro-causation or predetermination, but I would expect the same results with the coin either way as well.

          “Schrodinger’s Friend” is based on an extension of the “Schrodinger’s Cat” thought experiment. Whether the cat is alive or dead is dependent on the collapse of a single quantum wavefunction, but by extension so is every other event in the chain of causation related to it. So Schrodinger puts a cat in the eponymous box, runs the “experiment” such as it is, and opens the box. From his perspective the wavefunction has now collapsed. But he has a friend waiting outside the room. Schrodinger takes a photo of the “alive-or-dead” cat, opens the door, and hands the photo to his friend. From the friend’s perspective, the wavefunction collapses at that moment, not when Schrodinger opens the box.

          So in effect, since the universe essentially floats on top of this sea of probability, all events can be conceptualized similarly. If you cast a spell to get a cab, the relevant point is not when the cab started its route, but rather that from your perspective the collective wavefunction of “will-a-cab-arrive-or-won’t-it” is affected by your spell such that it collapses in your favor.

          • George says:

            That’s a nice way of looking at it. I like the friend idea.

            My view above takes a different approach to the wave-function collapse: the alternative interpretation of the wave-function problem, where: observers don’t collapse the wave-function by observation, rather observers are not separate from the environment around them and so have an affect just by being there.

            So my being there and wanting a cab is already part of the overall, grand wave-function of the universe – which is pre-collapsed from the start, it’s just that I haven’t seen the effect yet, it hasn’t rippled out to my point of view. The observations are just part of the ‘visible unfolding of the collapse’. (I guess this means that the wave-function covers all-time and all-space.)

            What does this mean for magick? That we don’t need to worry about past and future, or space: our actions are [“already”, from our point of view] taken into account in the grand wave-function. For Direct Magick? Nothing further, for Direct Magick is just a type of magickal action, formalised. It merely frees it from worries about explaining backward/forward causation or “spooky action at a distance”. The knowledge that ethereal software can so act is sufficient (?).

            But either way, the practical results would be the same, like you say.

  2. Ananael Qaa says:

    @Mike, I did a bunch of similar experiments on that about a decade ago, with a sample size of a couple hundred.

    I did mine with lottery numbers, not coins, but I found that if I used divination – “what numbers will come up?” versus manifesting – “make this set of numbers come up” there was a probability shift of the same magnitude either way. In both cases I did substantially better than chance (80-100 to 1 against) compared to my control group, but there didn’t seem to be any difference between the divination and manifesting cases. As far as I could tell, what mattered was the probability itself – that is, I could make predictions exactly as accurately as I could manifest.

    Extending that to your experiment with the coin, my working hypothesis would be that whether you look or not the probability shift you get should be exactly the same. What my work seemed to show was that the probability matters, not the method used. If you do try it and get a different result, I would be very interested if you would be willing to share your methodology so that I can replicate it. You might also want to try flipping the coin while trying to make either one side or the other come up to see if there’s a difference there, kind of like in my lottery experiment.

  3. Ray says:

    Hey mike, you get me a little confused you say direct magick doesnt need ritual but in this example of manifestation you talk about ritual, also i dont understand when you say connect with a ethereal software, the universe or whatever, do i create my own ethereal software? I know about chi energy, akashick energy, ethereal software is basically the same thing right? i dont understand
    How do i manifest something without ritual magick? The best i can do with ritual magick is use sigils i dont have access to other items or time to do this rituals, so i have to learn direct magick, since i have been learning everything surrounding magick, hermetic laws etc.., so i know what magick is, i have seen spells and sigils but i dont have the resources to do ritual magick, i am also not an adult and dont have access to much money to buy my resources, so i have been left with direct magick, and i want to learn it but some things you say confuse me
    Do i create my own ethereal software? Or do i use one of the already existing ones? Do i need to believe in ethereal softwares?
    How do i manifest something without ritual?

  4. Ishan says:

    Hi Mike,
    How do you go about choosing a suitable “Aetheric Software?” I am asking because I follow you,however I cannot use the same ones my ‘family’ uses. I wish to find software that works best for me. When asking, I did see a directory. Any suggestions?

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