Magickal Space (My Work June 14-20)

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Last week I got energy orgasms working on myself. This week I generalized that to other types of energy on myself, and started learning to produce these effects in others.

Other Types of Energy

Orgasms are great, but not all the time. I need something gentler to practice with. So I did the same technique (bottom of last week’s post), but with the energy my mind enters when I’m calm, rather than anything to do with arousal. I built the energy throughout my body, sent it down to my cells and up to my aura, felt some calm. Continued from my aura into the paths to my mind, and felt a wonderful peace. It’s great to get another success, to generalize the technique to other experiences, and to have something pleasant but gentle to practice with.

My trainers watched me do this and confirmed that the technique is correct. Actually, it’s a slight improvement on the technique the spirit had designed previously. That’s a nice result, too.

Sending Energy to Others

Creating sensations in myself is fun, but the real point is to do this in others, so we can do randomized blind testing. I tried, and found that I don’t know how to send energy properly.

Of course, I know how to send energy via touch. You move the energy to your hand, let it flow to the other person, and it’s that simple. But this technique doesn’t say, “Put energy in their head.” It says, “Put energy in their aura, then find the connections from their aura to their mind, and move the energy to those connections.” It’s not just about energizing the right spot in their body, it’s about energizing the right magickal structure at that point. I can’t do that with my hand.

I’d hoped it would just work, that I could just think about sending the energy precisely and it would happen. Turns out, not so much. But now that I’ve had some successes, I’m not worried about adding another technique to the list. I know I’ll get there eventually.

This new technique isn’t terribly difficult, but it involves a new concept I’m still wrestling with: Space. Or at least, that’s how my mind translates the concept. It’s the stuff that connections and energy go through, the underlying fabric of magick. Or something like that.

To send energy precisely, you want to extend your space into the other person.

I went through a few techniques, just practicing using space. I extend my space a little when I visualize sending energy, which is neat, because it means we all do this naturally. I learned to do that consciously, extending my space from my hand into something I’m touching, and to extend it further than I do with just a visualization. That was all a few weeks ago, items I learned but simply hadn’t used yet.

The problem is, to precisely control energy in their body, you want to extend your space throughout their body. That’s slow, impractical. So my trainers gave me a new technique to practice: Create a network of connections throughout their body, then extend your space from those connections.

I did it once, it’s easy enough, so I’m practicing that a few times this weekend, then I’ll try the sensations technique again. Still not expecting it to work, but it should uncover the next technique I need to learn. That’s basically what learning / creating new techniques is all about.

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7 Responses to “Magickal Space (My Work June 14-20)”

  1. George says:

    To send energy precisely, you want to extend your space into the other person.

    Interesting. One of the exercises I do is to expand my “presence/awareness” and “feel the space” around and beyond me in which everything resides (while also including the space my body occupies), filling the room and beyond. If nothing else, it counters a tendency to end up being ‘localised’ in my head area after working, etc, and loosens the body – and it does give you a feeling of ‘connection’ with the environment / dissolves the boundaries somewhat.

    When interacting with other people, I definitely notice there’s a big difference if I expand myself out to occupy their space / include them in my expanded space like this, as if they fall under my spell a bit.

    I hadn’t thought of it in terms of directly creating sensations in other people, or directly influencing them intentionally like this though. Be interested to see how it develops.

    The problem is, to precisely control energy in their body, you want to extend your space throughout their body.

    Is it possible to prepare in advance – i.e. to expand yourself out into space beforehand, as I mention above, so that the person is coming into your sphere, rather than you having to reach out at the moment? So you’re already “out there”?

    • Thanks, George. It’s great to have new ideas coming in to spark new solutions.

      This is one of the tricky parts about words. Extending a magickal space is a different feel than extending your awareness into the room I’m sitting in. And yet, I don’t know how to communicate that.

      Your idea did give me something neat to test, though. Can I extend a magickal space into the air around me? I tried, I cannot, but that helps me understand magickal spaces better. It seems they only work in magickal structures, like the ones associated with a person’s body.

      And that’s a great idea with extending the space first. I just tested it, though, and if I extend my space into someone, then they move, my space moves with them. So no dice.

      But keep the ideas coming, this is part of figuring this out!

      • George says:

        Hmm, the “magickal space” space thing has me interested. What does it feel like? Do you think of it like a ‘background space that magick goes through’, like an luminiferous aether for magick?

        Or could it be a mixture of extending your awareness out but with intention added into the mix, rather than when one is just feeling-out for its own sake? (If I ‘reach out’ to a friend that’s one thing, I just experience them; if I ‘reach out with the intention of connecting’, that leads to a different result and feeling?)

        i.e. There’s the space, there’s reaching into the space, then there’s your intention creating a subtle form/purpose in the space, in this case a magickal connection or two. If you haven’t expanded the space between you and the subject first, then you can’t make a continuous connection – you need to make a complete bridge for the ‘traffic’ to travel on.

        • George says:

          (Better analogy: You have to acquire the land, then you build the bridge, then you can move the traffic.)

          • I hadn’t heard of the luminiferous aether before. That’s interesting. Yes, that seems like a similar concept. Thanks!

            • George says:

              You should check out the general article on aethers and follow the links. Revisiting it has definitely got me thinking again. (I think I recall you mentioning dark matter as an inspiration at some point; one theory looks upon that as a modern ‘background aether’, for instance.)

              Even the basic idea of taking “space” seriously as a “real thing that you can experience directly and use” for magick has legs.

  2. George says:

    On the space thing, it is somewhat reminiscent of the non-duality view of space as fundamental and awareness as one’s identity, so that might be worth a look for you. It’s not just the “underlying fabric of magick”, it’s the underlying fabric of everything, in this view – it’s where things come from, and that from which they are formed.

    Excerpt on ‘The Nature of Experience’:

    As such ‘I’ could be likened to an open, empty space to which or in which the objects of the mind, body and world (thoughts, sensations and perceptions) appear. And just as empty space, relatively speaking, cannot resist or be agitated by the appearance or activity of any object within it, so the open, empty space of Awareness cannot resist or be disturbed by any appearance of the mind, body or world, irrespective of their particular quality or condition.

    Rupert Spira on Non-Duality

    Worth reading the whole article, if it intrigues you.

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