The Many Faces of Spirits

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Readers sometimes ask, “What do spirits think about X?” Morality, war, death, stuff like that.

It reminds me of friends asking, “What do women want?” As though all 3.5 billion women got together and agreed on it.

The answer is the same: Like all people, they think and want different things. What matters more is the spirits / women you want to spend time with, and what they think about those things. So ask them.

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2 Responses to “The Many Faces of Spirits”

  1. Takeo Otori says:

    I really want to learn more about spirits and how to communicate with them.
    Maik please, write an Article with detailed Information about how to awake and train ethereal muscles for communication and also how to find other ethereal software and how to contact a spirit behind that software.
    I’m able to use Enochian Vision Magick (the calls, mixed with some DirectMagick step) but can’t get anything if I try to use DirectMagick alone get an answer …

    • Yeah, it can be hard to do magick without the ritual. You need to awaken the right ethereal muscles, learn to guide them consciously, then learn the right steps to guide them through. It’s a lot more than just intending to do a thing.

      That’s too much for an article, but it’ll be part of the books I’m writing.

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