Can Energy Increase Intelligence? (My Work July 12-18)

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This week, I felt the mental slowness that comes with a cold, and used the same technique I use for sensations to heal myself. I also refined the technique overall, getting bigger results with less time and energy.

Can Energy Increase Intelligence?

I had a sore throat this week. Nothing serious, but even after the cold was done, I felt a mental slowness the next day.

What would happen if I shifted my brain’s energy toward its normal state? No idea, but I’m practicing a technique that does just that, and it’s worth a try.

Turns out, it does quite well. A few notes:

  • The brain doesn’t have one signature. It has many. It’s important to shift each signature separately, which requires the signature matching I talk about in the next section.
  • If I got distracted and stopped moving the energy for around 5 minutes, my thinking slowed down again. But I have other techniques to do permanent energy changes for energy healing, so maybe a combination of this technique and those healing techniques could make it permanent.
  • I haven’t tested it for increasing intelligence beyond my normal state, but this result suggests it’s possible.

Adding Fundamental Skills

If you remember last week, I was planned to learn fundamental skills. For example, ways to more precisely pick the signature of the energy I was creating. I’d then use those skills to improve all my magick, including the sensation technique I’m focused on right now.

That’s still more or less my plan, but I found a problem: I wasn’t using the fundamental skills I already knew.

I’d called a spirit to train me, asked him about matching an energy signature precisely. He said, “Use the ethereal muscles for making sensory connections. What have you learned with them?” Turned out, I already knew the technique I should be using. I just wasn’t using it.

Why not? Because when I think about building energy, I get the default ethereal muscles for building energy, not the muscles I need for that signature matching technique. And even once I’m engaging those muscles, just thinking about building energy doesn’t get them moving, I need to think specifically about the signature matching skill.

None of this is hard, but none of it just happens. It’s all stuff I have to think about. If I just think about building energy, I just get the defaults.

That’s part of why I avoid visualizations in my magick. Because visualizing energy only gets me the defaults.

(If I practice the new technique enough, it can become the new default. But that requires practicing the new technique. If I just visualize energy, I’m practicing the default technique, which just makes that default more entrenched.)

Back to this week: I incorporated two fundamental skills into the sensation technique. One for matching signatures more precisely, and another for flipping the signature of an ethereal structure (like a person’s aura.) I’d learned both last year, but never really used them. My first time adding them, I got comparable-or-better results with a tenth of the energy, which means it’s a faster, more precise technique.

Here’s the technique as it stands now, with a week of refinement:

  • Use the ethereal muscles for sensory connections to precisely capture the current, target, and delta signatures. (New step.)
  • Build power in the delta signature, send it down to cells.
  • Build energy in the target signature (rather than the delta signature — this took some testing, but seems to produce smoother changes).
  • Flip the signature of the aura and the paths to mind from the current signature to the target signature. (New step.)
  • Send a tiny bit of energy along those paths. (With this new technique, they’re already in the target signature, so you barely need any energy.)

It’s giving me better results already. Also, as usually happens when I use the right ethereal muscles, I’m able to do it with less conscious focus. After practicing for a week, I can do the full technique in under a minute while walking around a mall.

Next week, I’ll continue practicing this, and maybe check in with my spirits about the changes I’ve made.

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