Magick for Calm Focus (My Work June 28 – July 4)

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Last week, I was intimidated by the sensation technique. I could do each step individually, but each step was difficult, and the full technique was overwhelming.

This week, I fixed that.

First, I simplified. Instead of doing the technique on others, I did it on myself, which lets me skip half the steps. The idea is, get good at that half of the technique first, then work on the other half later.

Also, instead of producing sensations, I used a different energy signature to produce calm. Because that’s actually useful. And this morning, I used another signature to put myself into a focused state to write this post.

A few notes on using this technique to influence emotions:

  • Remember the signature of your body and brain when you’re in the desired state.
  • Mentally subtract your current state from that desired state, and produce energy in that delta signature.
  • From there, it’s the standard technique: Move it down to nerve cells and up to aura, then into the paths from aura to mind. It has a profound effect.

I did this on myself several times to practice, then on a friend. The calm stayed with her for 8 hours, through the Pride parade in San Francisco. Since then, I’ve been using this to calm or focus myself every day or two.

This might sound like small progress. I could already do this, and I did it some more. But it’s useful now, and that’s an important threshold. Because when a technique solves an everyday problem, you use it every day.

I still have more to learn with this technique. Right now, I’m practicing getting the entire body — I can do it, but it takes focus. Later, I’ll learn signatures for other states, and for physical sensations. I’ll also need to learn to deliver it without physical contact, and see how that changes if I’m across the room, in a different room, or in a totally different location. But I can add those, one piece at a time, as I make this technique more flexible and useful. The hardest part is done.

What’s next? I’m not sure. I might continue focusing on this technique, or I might just use it as needed and instead focus on manifesting for a while. Then, when the sensation technique becomes easy, I’ll return to it and practice new techniques to make it more flexible.

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5 Responses to “Magick for Calm Focus (My Work June 28 – July 4)”

  1. George says:

    This is great, incredibly useful.

    I accidentally did the opposite of this some time ago while trying to design a “focused state”. What I actually did was condense my attention into a tight ball which I couldn’t undo; sent me into extreme stress. All along, what I was actually looking for was the above: a calm state to aid focus!

    Going to play with this.

    Aside: I got out of this by consistently centring on my Hara/DanTien, coming back to it whenever my attention re-tightened. It’s a good technique for staying expansively aware generally, and it eventually “sticks” so you stay like that all day. I wonder if there’s some link to your approach; like it’s a cheat for accessing a calm signature, naturally?

  2. Synchronicity says:

    Do you think that energizing the delta signature works well also for manifesting?

    It would be an interesting and unique approach, worth exploring, since all mainstream techniques say to focus only on the target signature of “I achieved X!” (+ eventually clearing the current state negativity)

  3. Takeo Otori says:

    Mike, please explain again what steps are needed to shift yourself in different mood. You say, you choosed calm signature – but how do you produce calm, focused, alert state? I can only remember and switch to one signature by thinking about how it felt.
    Same as for your sentence “choose the right ethereal muscles” – how? More detailed explanation please.

    • Good questions. To choose the signature, notice your body’s signature when you’re in that state. Or just get yourself to that state for a few seconds (take a deep breath, say, for calm), and notice your body’s signature. That’s the target signature. (Do this for your brain, chest, limbs, etc — it’ll be several signatures.)

      On which ethereal muscles to use, I’ve trained in each step of this full technique, but I still have to remember to engage the right ethereal muscles for each step. If I just visualize the results, I don’t necessarily get the right ethereal muscles engaging. That’s what I mean?

      How do you figure out which are the right ethereal muscles for you? I don’t have that answer yet. It’ll probably involve working with my book’s ethereal software and getting training from it and the spirits that made it, but we’ll see.

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