My Next Magick Project (My Work July 5-11)

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Last week, I reached a good stopping point. I’ve learned to create calm, focus, and other states in myself, and in others with some effort. It solves an everyday problem, so I can stop allocating practice time, and instead just use the technique as needed.

So, what’s next? I spent this week ruminating on that.

My first thought was manifesting. That would let me rest the ethereal muscles for working with the body, and instead focus on the muscles for communication. And I was working on manifesting earlier this year, trying to learn details for gambling and similar uses. It make sense.

But I’m not sure. I’m rather excited about sensations, and starting a research organization. I want to break for a month or two, not a year. I don’t know that manifesting will fit into that timeframe.

I could learn more about the fundamental skills for physical effects (like sensations and energy healing). When I train like that, I usually learn one new technique every 1-2 weeks, so there are plenty of good stopping points.

And I have a general principle: When in doubt, learn the fundamental skills. Because I don’t know what they’ll be useful for, but I know they’ll help with something worthwhile someday.

I talked with my mentors — both my current mentor and my previous one. They both agreed: Go with the fundamental skills, they’ll have the biggest impact on your long-term success.

So, that’s what’s next: A month or two of fundamental skills.

Also this week: I used the sensation technique to awaken myself and a friend who practices magick. On different days, we were just worn out — not enough sleep, too many errands, that sort of thing. It worked well — not perfectly, but a noticeable effect, certainly enough to be useful. I’m pretty happy.

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One Response to “My Next Magick Project (My Work July 5-11)”

  1. George says:

    A spot of fundamental research – nice. It benefits everything, surely…

    Having said that, I must say that I’m really keen to follow your manifestation efforts with Direct Magick, when you turn to that. It’s the area where I think finding out “how it really works”, through direct experimentation and observation, could be the most interesting – and the relationship between manifesting and intuiting.

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