Rest, Resistance, and Training (My Work July 19-25)

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This was another rest week. That seems to happen about once a month.

I’d meant to start training, but encountered some resistance. There are different flavors of resistance, and I think this one is, “I just finished a project and want to feel awesome for a little longer before focusing on more things I don’t know.” I simply waited it out.

I did decide what’s next: Learning the right fundamental skills to do last week’s more complex emotion shifting technique in other people. Because I don’t want to use my body to build energy in their signature, that just seems like a bad idea. So, I need more fundamental skills to be able to deliver the power directly to them.

I also talked with my spirits about what exactly those skills are. They’re two or four more steps along a track I’m already learning — the same track I’m using to shift the signature of my aura.

And I started that training today. So, I’m embracing the grind. It’s not the exciting part of learning magick, but it’s necessary.

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2 Responses to “Rest, Resistance, and Training (My Work July 19-25)”

  1. George says:

    Actually, what are spirits, from a Direct Magick point of view? Not the old-god-like interpretation from other traditions? Or just body-free, “mental-only” beings in general?

    (Looked at previous articles, but not sure what your current view is.)

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