Should I Use Energy When Manifesting?

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Synchronicity asks:

Do you think that energizing the delta signature works well also for manifesting?

It would be an interesting and unique approach, worth exploring, since all mainstream techniques say to focus only on the target signature of “I achieved X!” (+ eventually clearing the current state negativity)

It’s an interesting question. It reveals a fundamental difference in how Direct Magick approaches manifesting.

When I do manifesting, it’s about communication, not energy. I contact ethereal software designed for manifesting, craft a message about what I want, and send it to the software. Getting better results is about (1) choosing your message carefully, so you’re asking for the right things, (2) using good communication techniques, so the software can read the nuances of your message, and (3) using good ethereal software. Energy doesn’t factor in.

(Well, communication involves energy. But the point isn’t to build lots of it. The point is to notice the signature of my mind as I think each concept, then package all those concept-signatures up and send them to the software. Those signatures are delicate, and not the kind of thing I could build lots of in my body.)

So, why do people build energy when doing manifesting? A few possibilities:

  • Building energy gets you into a magickal mindset, which helps engage your ethereal muscles, so it’s useful for just getting your magick moving. (Direct Magick uses mental posture for that.)
  • The visualization gives you something to focus on, which is useful for systems that leave the magick to the unconscious mind. (Which is most systems of magick, but not Direct Magick.)
  • If you’re used to visualizing energy, it’s probably easier to visualize “wealth energy” than to learn a whole new approach.

So, I wouldn’t worry too much about the particular energy used while manifesting, and I wouldn’t expect fancy signature-matching techniques like delta signatures to matter, either.

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4 Responses to “Should I Use Energy When Manifesting?”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    This conclusion, I think, is at the root of many of our disagreements over magical models.

    I and every other magician I’ve known has find that incorporating energy work into ceremonial forms makes manifesting measurable probability shifts far more effective. As I recall the last time I addressed this we went around and around and we just didn’t see eye to eye, but it rapidly became clear that my experience doesn’t line up with yours at all.

    You’re not alone here, though. Patrick Dunn’s Postmodern Magic proposes pretty much the same communication model. The thing is that every time Dunn runs into people who’ve used energy work in their practices he get criticized for the same reason, so I’m convinced it’s not just me who finds energy work useful.

    I remember your post awhile back where you bemoaned people who would “believe you if you just could provide X sort of proof,” and I understand your frustration if you’re talking about capital-S skeptics and so forth. For some of us like me who are unconvinced, though, it’s because some aspects of our experience of magick seem to be quite different from yours.

    For us, the reason for suggesting controlled experiments is to try and tease out which parts of the various models are individual differences or suppositions, and which parts can be treated as universals.

    • Thanks, Ananael. Part of why I blog is to get this kind of feedback.

      I haven’t done as much testing as you have with manifesting. I use it all the time for everyday problems, but I haven’t tested different techniques with lottery numbers or anything like that. (I have a backburner project to develop manifesting for coin flips, so I have something fast and easy to test, but I haven’t worked that in a few months.) I can’t see how energy would matter in manifesting, but maybe you’re right. Science generally goes with the person who’s done the more thorough tests.

      In any event, it helps me to know why experienced mages will disagree with me, which helps me know what to thoroughly test. And by the way, that post about demanding specific proof wasn’t about you at all, you’re asking for evidence in general, which is totally reasonable, while also providing your own testing, which is awesome.

      Thanks for commenting. I’ll have more testing and more details about this eventually.

  2. Synchronicity says:

    I’m biased about energy use, since I’m currently experimenting with Huna model, where you energize the “prayer” (target signature) with Mana, asking your Unihipili (lower self, unconscious = ethereal muscles) to deliver this charged intention to your Aumakua (higher self = ethereal software?)

    But… if the unconscious has a complex of unworthiness, guilt, doubts, fears… it will not deliver the prayer… or it may send a distorted version, contaminated by those negative thoughts. So, it’s often necessary to clear obstacles in advance.

    This is the reason why the possibility of a “delta manifesting” caught my imagination.

    The command MANIFEST( desired_good – current_bad ) appeared to me as more exhaustive than the simple MANIFEST( desired_good )
    It seems to include the clearing effect by default — “negating the negative”

    But it’s only a naive algebraic metaphor, and I realize I’m mixing up two different things, the relative/analog aspect and the absolute/digital one — directional vs. positional.

    Instead, how Direct Magick deals with self-sabotage and unconscious interferences?

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