Enunciation and Manifesting (My Work August 16-22)

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This week, I improved my communication. You may know, communication is the skill behind manifesting, training with spirits, and a bunch of other magick.

We haven’t talked about communication in a while, so a quick review: When a person thinks, the energy around their brain changes. If you gather those signatures, process them in the right way, and place them into another person’s brain, (and that receiver knows what they’re doing), they will receive those thoughts. (I discuss communication more in this series.)

That’s the basic model, anyway. Eventually, I want to test it by sending thoughts to another mage. But many of those steps are actually quite complex — I can do half of them, but I didn’t learn even that much until I’d been doing Direct Magick for almost 20 years. Doing half of them means I can communicate with someone else who can do half of them, but not with someone who only knows the basics. For now, I don’t know anyone like that, and I expect it will be easier to just learn the other half, which will let me test with most people.

But, back to the model, and the improvements:

To gather those signatures, I use a network of connections throughout my brain. Think of it like a funnel, held upside down: The small end, at the top, is my ethereal muscle for communication. The big end, at the bottom, is all the different spots in my brain. This network reads my brain’s energy activity, and captures those signatures to put into the message.

I improved that step in two ways.

First, I re-did that network using smaller, more precise connections. Smaller connections let me read smaller areas of my mind, getting a better read on the various signatures involved in each concept.

Doing it was easy. My communication muscle already knew how, so I just told them to do it, and to use the muscles for physical and mental effects. Why didn’t I do that sooner? It’s been on my list since February or so, but this better setup requires some of the fundamental techniques I’ve been learning lately. So I couldn’t do it until now.

(Eventually, I may want to improve this network beyond what my ethereal muscles know how to do. That’ll require me to explore how exactly that network works. Until then, I’m happy to do it the easy way.)

Then I tested it, creating a message, then reading it back to myself. It was faster and easier than before, but I also noticed that I wasn’t sending the entire sentence — I was skipping some words, skimming the message instead of clearly saying each word. Instead of saying, “Cause me to find a job that will make me happy while still leaving time for friends and magick,” I might say, “Cause me job happy time friends magick.” That’s a problem.

(I was also ignoring some parts of my mind when I’d funnel up the signatures. Again, just going too fast, not taking enough care with each concept.)

The fix? Enunciating. Pause on each concept*, engage the whole network, and read the signatures, nice and slow. It’s exhausting, using those new parts of my mind that I’d been ignoring. But it’s quickly getting less tiring, which means those new parts are getting stronger, and I’m starting to enunciate as I do manifesting and get training — using it to solve everyday problems, which is when I really learn a new skill.

*A concept is often one word. Sometimes, it’s a few words. Like “a few.” Or in “[I] [am going] [to do] [X],” each bracketed item is one concept.

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3 Responses to “Enunciation and Manifesting (My Work August 16-22)”

  1. George says:

    Without having experimented, I would have thought that the ‘condensed’ version of the message would’t have made much difference, if the intention was clearly held throughout.

    Over and above checking that the ‘text’ of the message received corresponded, have you noticed improved manifesting (I guess implying that the ‘meaning’ was communicated well enough)?

    (Meanwhile “Happy-Time Friends Magick” does sound pretty cool!)

    • Right? I want happy time friends magick too!

      In terms of intent: I used to do magick by having the ethereal software read the message from my mind. In that case, then yes, it’s about focusing on intent. These days, I prefer to package my message up and send it to the ethereal software, as that gives me more control and precision. But that means the software only has my message to go on. Making my message clearer should lead to better results.

      So far, I’ve been noticing more psychic info coming throughout the day. That’s probably from the better network, but it could also be from strengthening everything through the enunciation practice, or from clearly enunciating my request for information. Hard to know which improvement contributed how much — that’s one of the downsides of making lots of improvements at once. (The upside, of course, is getting lots of improvements quickly.)

      I haven’t done a ton of manifesting yet — these improvements only finished on Friday — but I’ll keep you posted.

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