Healing and Rest (My Work August 23-29)

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This week, I practiced enunciation with all my communication, did a little energy healing, and otherwise rested.

You may have noticed, I typically rest the last week of every month. I hadn’t realized that until I started writing these summaries, and I’m still not sure why that is. But I keep telling you because, for years, I felt guilty when I’d rest for a week, and reading a post like this would have helped me. So I hope it helps some of you, too.

The healing session: A friend had muscle inflammation in her back. I’ve had mixed results in the past with muscle inflammation, probably because it’s such a large tissue I need to affect, compared with tendon or nerve issues. But I used my standard healing procedure with the improved fundamentals, and it worked well. Nice to see those fundamentals paying off.

I also did a calming effect for a friend who was going into a panic. In the past, I’ve used energy from my own body, which isn’t great when you’re working with someone else. This time, I borrowed from my standard healing procedure to build the energy in their body, and it worked well. This approach is probably too slow to use for sensations, but it’s great to have a functioning technique for emotional healing.

Lastly, I talked with the spirits who updated my manifesting software. (The software came back online Thursday, by the way.) They said:

The software wasn’t properly reading future events involving multiple [concept I can’t quite understand]. This update should improve how it integrates data streams, which should fix the issue. It is unlikely to affect anything you’re doing, but it affects things we do.

So, mystery solved. (Sort of.) Shouldn’t affect me. Shame, would have been nice to suddenly get better results, but it was still interesting to see this update.

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  1. George says:

    I wonder with your healing and so on, if there is some sort of connection to the experiences talked about by psychologist Rick Stuart (interview here, referenced nearer the end of the interview) and in Trager’s concept of “hook-up” (article here).

    Basically, that they enter a kind of ‘state of presence’ and that is when their healing takes effect. They don’t go into making connections or knowing the details, it seems to be more about ‘being in the zone’ with the patient and somehow ‘sharing a space’ that lets the healing take place. They don’t seem to be ‘intending’ directly either (which is something that you’ve said that, alone, doesn’t help). Just kind of feeling their way.

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