More Techniques for Physical Effects (My Work August 9-15)

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This week, I finished improving the way I shift signatures.

Shifting a signature isn’t useful on its own. But it’s a key step in energy healing, creating sensations, and lots of other magick. Improving how I do this step gets me better results with every technique that uses it.

Years ago, I shifted signatures by building energy in the desired signature, then send it to the person’s aura*. Last year, I changed to using a network of connections throughout the person’s aura — shifting the signature of that network would shift the aura’s signature, too. Earlier this month, I started using two networks, one to do the shift and the other to watch. And that same week, I started focusing on how I aligned to the person’s signature. (Remember the picture-made-of-pictures metaphor.)

*All these techniques work for any ethereal structure you’re trying to shift. But that’s a mouthful. So I’ll just talk about shifting auras, and trust you to know this is more general.

All those improvements were following a training plan I got from the spirits I work with. This week, I finished that training plan. That means two things: (1) I get to use this technique for a while, instead of always learning something new and then updating all the techniques that use it, and (2) the spirits I work with open up more about what they know each time I complete a training plan, so I expect that to happen this time, too.

The final steps of the training plan involved aligning to the person’s signature at a very small scale, then doing the shifting at no more than 3 scales larger than that alignment. Essentially, smaller scale = better alignment, and 3 scales above is an arbitrary-but-convenient cutoff. It produces a faster, smoother signature shift, which is what really matters.

So far, calming myself and healing techniques for a knee were easier than before, and consciousness integration was dramatically easier. (Warning: Old post, inexperienced writing, some old terms.)

Here’s what consciousness integration does: You’re probably familiar with the experience of having part of your mind scared or angry or otherwise in an irrationally negative place. If you could just talk to that part somehow, you would feel so much better, but that’s not an easy thing to do. Some people use hypnosis or ritual to engage that part of the mind. I use consciousness integration. It’s a magick technique to activate pathways from the conscious mind to that irrational, half-conscious part of the mind, so it can communicate with your adult, conscious self.

I haven’t done consciousness integration in a year or more. Back then, it took all my focus for 5-10 minutes, and left me exhausted.

This week, I was having an irrational anger around some of last week’s drama. So I tried consciousness integration. And using the new signature shifting skills, it took maybe 10 seconds to activate the paths, then another minute to let my mind sort everything out. Afterward, I felt good, energized even. A dramatically, obviously better experience.

So much of the magick I do, I’m using every day, barely noticing the incremental improvements. But seeing the difference between a year ago (not knowing any of that signature shifting track), and today (having finished that track), the difference is striking, and satisfying.

Next week: Applying this new signature shifting technique to creating sensations in other people.

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