Direct Biofield Healing

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A name is a half-sentence description. It’s a way to get people curious. And I need a better answer to, “What kind of healing do you do?”

I went to the Consciousness Hacking meetup last weekend. It had meditation-related tech talks (ultrasonic brain stimulation and low-cost EEGs, which I may look into at some point), then a chance for anyone to talk about their passion for 2 minutes. I said:

Hi, I’m Mike Sententia, and I’m into healing, energy healing like Reiki or Therapeutic Touch, and building it into a science. Now, some of you may be saying, “Prove to me that those are real,” and I hope to get there someday. But today, I want to talk to those of you who already have personal experience with energy healing, who already believe in it. I’m interested in exploring the underlying mechanisms of energy healing, understanding how and why it works, so we can build better techniques from those mechanisms. Because there’s research suggesting that energy healing can reduce pain, which would mean it can influence nerves, and if we could understand and harness that, maybe we could develop techniques for depression and other neurological disorders, maybe epilepsy, maybe paralysis. If that sounds interesting to you, come meet me after the talks.

That wasn’t improv. I’ve written about the impact of magick, and how admitting you can’t prove magick yet grants credibility. It was gluing together sentences I’ve already said. That’s how I work, how I can speak fluidly and clearly.

(It was also my first time explaining magick in front of a large, mostly-non-believer audience. A bit terrifying. I’m quite pleased, and it’ll be easier next time.)

Four people came up after the talks. Their first question: “What kind of healing do you do?” Because of course that’s the first thing they want to know. And I didn’t have an answer. So I need to plan.

So far, I have words. Biofield, which is how journal articles refer to energy healing. Direct, because rather than channeling energy, we’re working directly with those underlying mechanisms. Cellular, again for the scientific community. System or healing, as the main noun. Direct biofield cellular healing? Too long. Biofield cellular healing? Kind of redundant. Direct biofield healing? Not bad. Maybe biofield healing system? Vague, but sounds kind of fancy.

Thoughts? Other words, or assemblages of those words? Leave a comment.

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4 Responses to “Direct Biofield Healing”

  1. Adam says:

    I personally like bio-field interaction system

  2. George says:

    Direct biofield healing is the best, although somehow I don’t like it much either. This might seem odd, but to me it seems more “new-agey” that I’d like, because your approach in general doesn’t have that “new age” feel. (That’s a first impression from a non-healer who is interested in a ‘practical’ magick with less of the usual ‘woo’ concepts.)

    You’d be better to call it just ‘direct healing’, perhaps. The “biofield” part puts you in the exact same bucket as all that other energy healing stuff, when I don’t think the details are quite as simplistic as that?

    It does need a name though.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Isn’t “Magick of Thought” your own creation? Is magick of thought healing too cumbersome? The phrase brings to mind “magic” as a kind of mental science, and you should be proud of it. Trademark that b*tch Mike!!

    • George says:

      Hmm, probably “magick” is a bit controversial. How about “direct thought healing”? Or “ethereal healing”? Hmm.

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