New Healing Technique and Energy Headaches (My Work September 6-12)

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This week, I practiced a faster, more precise technique for energy healing, using luminosity rather than energy.

Quick review:

  • Pretty much everything we work with is an ethereal structure. It’s a broad term, like saying that everything in your house is physical matter.
  • Ethereal structure holds power. Think of power like heat. A structure radiates that power. The amount it radiates per second is called its luminosity.
  • Ethereal structure also has signature. Structures radiate power matching their signature.
  • Energy is small bits of ethereal structure. They absorb power, then emit it wherever they flow.

Got all that? (If not, follow the links.)

This week, I practiced using luminosity rather than energy. Both solve the same problem: Making a new signature interact strongly with cells. You can either build energy in that signature, then send it to the ethereal structures near the cells. Or you can shift the signature of those structures, and also increase their luminosity.

(Luminosity feels more precise, because energy can flow to other structures that you don’t want energized. Luminosity is also faster to use, and easier to do over distance.)

The first half of the week, I just practiced luminosity. Shift the signature of a chakra, increase luminosity, verify that it calms / awakens / whatevers me. And, for the first time in perhaps a decade, I got an energy headache.

Yes, an energy headache. Yes, me, with 20+ years experience. Because I’m working with new techniques, and have no idea what I’m doing.

Technical notes, for anyone interested: Increasing luminosity as high as you can burns up the power in a structure fast. Like 20 minutes. But it doesn’t burn all the power, only the power in the luminous signature, leaving you with the inverse signature. It’s like if you had a can of green paint and somehow sucked out all the blue, leaving it yellow. Then that wrong-signature-power gives a big headache.

To fix it, I reset the signature and luminosity of the chakra, and built more power to return it to the normal signature. Compared to normal grounding, this was a similar approach, but bigger and more involved. And lesson learned: As I learn to affect the body more strongly, it becomes easier to hurt myself. Let’s keep that in mind when I learn to create physical sensations.

The next day, I worked out the bugs. After shifting the signature and increasing luminosity, increase power so you can feed the luminosity. Then, go back and adjust the luminosity, so it’s only drawing as much power as you provided. This produces a nice, lasting result.

Another technical note: Initially, provide power in the delta signature. Once everything is flowing and the power has adjusted, shift the incoming power to the target signature. If you don’t, you’ll again wind up with power in the wrong signature.

I did luminosity-based calming several times. Later in the week, I did a healing session for mild depression with the same technique. Worked even better than the energy-based version of the healing technique. So expect to see more luminosity and less energy in the future.

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