Resistance and Luminosity (My Work Aug 30 – Sept 5)

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This week, I once again asked, “What’s next?”

I do that often, for a few reasons. First, if I don’t have a plan I deeply believe in, I encounter tremendous resistance. Second, the problems I’m facing aren’t straight-forward. I won’t crack them by practicing more or focusing harder. Every magick technique I’ve developed has required an insight, and the way I get those insights is by turning the problem over in my mind, seeing which pieces I don’t understand, and exploring them. That’s what planning is, for me.

I thrashed for a few days. Monday, while waiting for the train, I practiced connecting to peoples’ auras and finding their chakras. It’s not hard, but I need practice to get it faster and easier. I also made some plans to test and debug my sensory connections. (I’ll post about those tests as I do them.)

Tuesday and Wednesday I tried to get motivated. I failed.

On Thursday, I figured out my real question: When the spirits do the sensation technique, they only shift the signature of the person’s aura. They don’t send energy. But I need energy to get anything moving. Without energy, how do we get enough oomph to create a sensation? Will I need to learn other fundamental skills to transmit power via a network of connections?

Figuring out my real confusion broke the resistance. I asked them, and amid a page-long conversation, one spirit said, “Instead of shifting [the person’s signature] with the same power, you shift to more power. … If you instead (or additionally) shift the power to a higher quantity, you’ll wind up with powered structure in that new signature.”

“Shift the power.” What an odd phrase. And an idea struck me: There’s power inside ethereal structures like a person’s aura. Think of that like a fire, inside a bulb. What if there are shutters around that bulb that control how much of the fire’s light escapes the bulb? So, to increase how bright the bulb is, you might need to increase that fire (increase power), or you might need to open the shutters. If you’re just opening shutters, that makes sense to describe it as a shift. And to avoid confusion, I’ll call that shutter-opening luminosity.

I asked a trainer. He confirmed that idea, and he showed me how power feels different than luminosity:

  • He increased the luminosity of my aura, but left my power untouched. That felt like energy, like when I build energy with a visualization, letting my ethereal muscles do whatever comes naturally.
  • He increased the power in my aura, but left the luminosity where it normally is. That felt subtle, deep yet easy to miss, and a lot like what I do when I consciously work with energy in my own body.
  • Then he increased both power and luminosity. It felt heady, overwhelming. Plenty of oomph to drive the sensation technique. (And to drive¬†energy healing and other techniques, too.)

I think luminosity is the missing piece.

Why didn’t my spirits teach me about luminosity earlier? They consider it just part of shifting a signature — you change the color of the bulb, and you also adjust the shutters. But I didn’t have a concept of the shutters, so when I translated their concepts into my words, I lost that detail. Neither of us realized that, though, so no one thought to say, “By the way, are you also adjusting the luminosity?”

Which brings me back to the importance of figuring out my real question and taking days (and weeks) to plan.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    I like where you are going lately Mike, thank you.

    Technically, clairvoyants use the term “radiance” to describe what you are identifying here. But “luminosity” sounds cool too.



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