Updating My Energy Meditation (My Work Sept 20-26)

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This week, I updated how I build and guide energy in my body, to make erotic energy more useful.

For the past few months, I’ve updated how I handle energy and other magick in the body. This is good, because it gives me more effective tools for energy healing, sensations, and erotic energy.

But there’s a downside. New techniques require focus. It takes me 1-2 minutes to create calm, arousal, or other states with the sensation technique. And you know what’s less than erotic? “Honey, stop kissing me for 2 minutes while I prepare some energy.”

A little more in-depth on the problem: Normally, when you think about building energy, your ethereal muscles do some stuff to create energy in your body. It’s unconscious, so you don’t have to think about the details. I’d made that process conscious, so I could understand and improve each step — and I did, each step is better, more pronounced, more precise. But by making the process conscious, it became unwieldy, something I had to focus on to do, instead of something that happens unconsciously when I think about energy.

The solution? Figure out a good default procedure, a set of steps to make energy that works for most tasks. Then tell my ethereal muscles that, whenever I think about making energy, they should do that default procedure. Practice 5-10 times, and it’s natural and unconscious again.

(In the past, I’d just practice the default procedure until it became natural, which would take 2-3 weeks. But telling my ethereal muscles what I want made it much faster. That’s something my spirits told me to do, by the way.)

I ended up with this default procedure:

  • When I think about energy or visualize energy, increase power production to that part of my body, and with a signature to match the intent (calm, aroused, etc). If I don’t specify a part of the body, do my entire body.
  • Produce energy particles in the same signature and body parts, with medium-high luminosity.
  • Bring those energy particles to my power reservoir to charge them.
  • Send those energy particles to my aura in the specified spot (like hands, head, etc).
  • (That was my first take on the procedure. But we don’t just want to send one second’s worth of energy, right? We want a sustained flow. So I added some more steps.)
  • As long as I focus, keep the energy flowing. When the energy particles release their power, bring them back to the reservoir to recharge. (Or I can just tell the ethereal muscles to keep the energy flowing, so I don’t have to keep focused.)
  • But that quickly overwhelms me. So, whenever we send the energy particles back to recharge, set them to medium-low luminosity, which makes a gentler, longer-lasting energy. (I’d tried energies with different luminosities earlier, so I knew how this would work.)

Note how each step is simple, definite, no real decisions to be made. That’s by design. I’d initially made some steps vaguer, like, “When cycling the energy particles, adjust the luminosity so you don’t overload the area of the body.” It felt awkward, like I had to focus too much to make the effect work. When I went with simpler steps, the whole process became unconscious again.

(Would more practice solve that problem? Maybe. Something for future investigation.)

A couple days of practice and it’s working well. I just think about energy, and my ethereal muscles handle the details. This brings the technique full circle — I made it conscious, updated the steps, and then made it unconscious again. It feels complete. (And after some, ahem, real-world testing, it’s working well, even while distracted.)

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