Aura, Erotic Energy, and Advanced Communication (My Work October 18-24)

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This week, I had great results using outer aura for erotic energy. I also trained in some more advanced communication techniques.

Outer Aura and Erotic Energy

Last week, we talked about three layers of aura. I’m now calling them:

  • Inner aura: Where aura connects to the body and mind.
  • Aura gate: A set of paths you can open or close. Important for shielding.
  • Outer aura: Delivers the energy to the person you’re working with. I think it goes out a few feet, though I haven’t gotten around to testing that yet.

This week, I compared two techniques for erotic energy with a partner:

  1. Build energy in my body, open the aura gate, touch my partner.
  2. The same, but send the energy into outer aura.

#2 (using outer aura) was clearly, obviously better. No contest.

I’m excited by the improvement, and by how easy it is. (This isn’t something I’m deeply exploring, it’s just stuff I’m trying when I’m doing erotic energy with a partner.)

Next, I’m going to look into connecting outer aura to different parts of the body, and different ethereal structures within them.

Advanced Communication

The spirits I work with have set tracks to learn various skills. We talked about this before with fundamental skills for effects. Each level does the same thing, just more precisely / quickly / powerfully.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been learning communication. So let’s review communication:

  • The sender thinks a message. The energy around their brain takes on signatures matching that message.
  • Optionally, the sender holds those signatures steady, preserving the old signature as they think the next concept.
  • Either sender or receiver packages those signatures, to make them stable and transportable.
  • Either party shifts the signature of the message from the sender’s signature to the receiver’s signature. (Sometimes, this is done in two steps: Sender shifts to neutral, and receiver shifts to their signature.)
  • Either party unpackages the message and places it into the receiver’s thinking mind. (Thinking mind = Aura of their brain, more or less.)
  • Either party moves those signatures from the receiver’s thinking mind into their brain.

Each level I’ve learned with communication has me doing one more step:

Level 1: Quiet your mind and build energy. (Details in Initiation into Direct Magick.)

Level 2: When sending, hold the signatures steady. When receiving, move signatures from thinking mind to brain. (This was a fairly big improvement. It made it easier for spirits to talk with me, and they started giving me more direct answers.)

Level 3: Package your message, and unpack theirs. (Their message will already be shifted to your signature.)

Level 4: After packaging the message, shift its signature to a neutral signature. When receiving, shift the signature from neutral to your own. This lets you communicate with someone who also knows Level 4 communication. (This is also a fairly big improvement. It let me communicate the way spirits do, and they started responding to me as a peer.)

Level 5: To send, shift the message into their signature. To receive, shift from their signature to yours. Now, you can communicate with someone who knows Level 3 communication.

Level 6 (what I’m learning): Make connections throughout their mind. When they send, package the signatures that their mind makes. When you send, unpack the message, and place the signatures into their thinking mind. (This lets you communicate with someone who knows Level 2 communication.)

Notice the pattern: The more you learn, the less your partner needs to. So Level 7 probably lets you communicate with someone simply quieting their mind.

(Most tracks have 8 levels. I’m not sure what Level 8 is, but often that last level uses the other skills in a more efficient way.)

Right now, I’m learning Level 6. It isn’t particularly useful. All the spirits I talk to can do at least Level 4 communication. Most psychics and channelers simply quiet their mind, so I’d need level 7 communication to talk with them, and I’d need even more skill for laymen. So, learning Level 6 doesn’t let me communicate with anyone new

Even my teacher told me that Level 6 isn’t useful. But it’s part of learning Levels 7 and 8. It’s worthwhile to learn how to connect to someone’s thinking mind, and that will probably improve how I place messages into my own mind. So, I’m not learning this because Level 6 is awesome. I’m learning it to develop the building blocks of a better technique. Which is something I do rather often, actually.

New Job

I also started work this week. Good job, I’m happy. Less time for writing and magick studies, though. Not anything profound here, just a note that, for the next year, my weekly updates may be sparser.

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