Book Update

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Last weekend, a dear friend was ordained into the Church of All Worlds. I attended the conclave, had many interesting conversations but little time for writing. But I hope to get back to the book soon.

Explaining Direct Magick this this weekend, I realized that Book 1 needs a bit more content. Here’s the new plan:

  • Introduction – Already Exists
  • Magick Quickstart Guide – Mostly Done
  • Easy Magick – Commands for the ethereal software to do manifesting, energy healing, and protection. This is the currently-planned Part 3. Useful, but not intellectually all that interesting.
  • Exploring Direct Magick – New! The first technique for sensory connections, then using it to find your ethereal muscles. Basically, a tour of all the parts we talk about. The focus is on intellectually interesting exploration, rather than practical techniques, but it lets us get into the essence of Direct Magick, which I think will be valuable.

Chapters will resume next Monday (hopefully).

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