Clearer Communication

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

The next section of this book is about using ethereal software for manifesting, energy healing, and protection. All those techniques require you to accurately transmit your intent to the software. So this last step of the Magick Quickstart Guide is about communicating more clearly with ethereal software.

This chapter covers two techniques. They build on each other, and each will take practice to learn. Learn the first one, then practice it as you learn energy healing and manifesting. Then return here, learn the second technique, and see how it improves your results.

These techniques work with any ethereal software. You can use them with most systems of magick, including Direct Magick, ritual magick, and energy healing.

Technique 1: Quiet Your Mind

Your mind has a hundred distractions. Stray thoughts, memories, fears, the other dozen tasks you have today.

When you talk with ethereal software, it reads your thoughts. It wants your magickal intent, but it has to sort through everything else. Quieting your mind makes this easier, and it’s the first communication technique.

Most meditation practices include a technique to quiet your mind. Feel free to use any of them. But if you don’t meditate, here’s a technique I like:

Focus on your breath. Make it rhythmic, slow, and deep, so it expands your stomach rather than your chest. (This engages the lower lung, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing you.) When other thoughts occur to you, acknowledge them and return your focus to your breathing. Do this for 5-10 breaths. This should take less than a minute.

Practice that (or another mind-quieting technique) several times a day until it’s comfortable.

Once it’s comfortable, notice how your mind feels during this quiet, gentle focus. Let yourself sit there for a few seconds, not focusing on anything. Then focus on just your magickal intent, the same way you focused on just your breathing. If other thoughts occur to you, acknowledge them and return to your intent.

To use this quiet focus in your magick, enter that state, then stare at the sigil to connect to the ethereal software. Focus on your intent, holding the quiet focused state until you’re done, then disconnect and relax.

Practice this with the commands from this Quickstart Guide. Once that’s easy, use this quiet focus as you learn energy healing, manifesting, and shielding in the next Part. And once that’s easy, return here for the second technique.

Technique 2: Steady Energy

Let’s talk about how communication works for a minute. As you think your message, your brain makes energy. The signature of the energy reflects your thoughts. Some of this energy is absorbed by your own ethereal structures, like your aura. But some of it gets picked up by the ethereal software you’re communicating with. The less that’s absorbed, the more is available to be picked up, and the clearer your message is.

In this technique, you’re going to hold energy in your head. This will satisfy your ethereal structures, making them absorb less of the energy of your thoughts, leaving a louder message for the ethereal software to pick up.

Instead of giving you a visualization, I’m going to tell you the goal, and let you make your own visualization. You can base it on the energy meditation we just did. It should represent the type of energy we’re going for, and it should speak in symbols that feel good to you. (Those symbols are probably different than the ones that feel good to me, which is why I’m having you make your own visualization.)

We want the energy to stay in your head while you communicate with the software. The energy should be steady, like a calm stream or a slow breathing. Tumultuous energy is bad, and will add noise to the message, making it harder for the ethereal software to read.

Static energy is also unhelpful. If you’re fiercely holding the energy in place, that will disrupt the quiet focus we just worked on. Let the energy flow, but have it flow smoothly.

This is easier with a moderate amount of energy. There’s no need to make a lot of energy, and too much energy can overwhelm your message. If you feel strong tingles or pressure, you’re using too much energy. It should be gentle and relaxed.

What about the energy’s signature? (Signature = Type of energy.) It should match the normal energy signature of your head, because we’re trying to boost the signal, not change it. As you build the energy, think about how your head feels normally. Also, energy tends to adopt the signature of wherever it comes from, so build the energy in your head, rather than your torso.

Practice building and steadying the energy until that’s easy.

When you’re ready to use it, first build the energy, then focus on the sigil, then focus on your message. Once you’re done, release the energy (ground). As with Technique 1, practice this as you learn your other magick.

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7 Responses to “Clearer Communication”

  1. George says:

    My top tip for quietening the mind: Centre your attention, very loosely, at a point an inch or two behind the eyes, up a bit, roughly where your prefrontal lobes would be – and “look out” from there. There’s a particular point that “feels right”. Then pause there, and intend “quiet”, and wait.

    Related to the ‘seeing from the core’ technique for vision improvement. It works, I think, because it keeps your attention from being centred on any “busy areas” of the body – such as towards the back of the head/neck/scalp/base of skull/etc, which all hold tension and broadcast thought.

    You feel both more awake and yet quieter at the same time, and ironically both more still and yet easier to push into action (mental or physical) – so long as you stay there and “reach or expand out” rather than shifting. In my own experience anyway!

    I ended up doing this as opposed to focusing on breath, etc, because I found it tempting to really focus on that – rather than be loosely open.

  2. Bob Lento says:

    Do you recommend or have no objection to using self-hypnosis as a way of quieting the mind?

    • I’ve done hypnosis recreationally, but not for magick. Hypnotic trance is generally seen as a state where you’re more open to suggestion (and remember, your own expectations are a form of self-suggestion). The point of communication is to hear the message, not our own expectations. So in that way, it’s perhaps not ideal.

      But no solution is ever really ideal, and maybe there are also some good parts of hypnosis I’m not thinking of, or some ways to mitigate the problems. So, please give it a try and let us know what happens.

  3. Synchronicity says:

    Another quick way to silence the mind is to deeply relax the tongue and the jaw:

    I’m wondering if these techniques only improve transmission… or also reception…

    Is it possible (at this level of practice) to get feedback messages from the software?

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