For Evil to Triumph

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A friend told me of a profound energy healing she did. Years ago, she met a woman with chronic hand pain. My friend, Francesca, had a psychic inspiration to walk across the room, rake the woman’s hands, and channel healing energy. The woman recovered, and was amazed. Francesca is still a pagan priestess, but she rarely performs healing sessions.

I asked, “Haven’t you ever wanted to understand how that energy healing worked, so you can bottle it and get it to more people?”

Her: “I’d worry, if I learned to harness that power at will, about what else I might do. If I can heal, I can harm, after all.”

I thought a minute. I’ve wrestled with this, too. There are no police around magick, and indeed, it’s easy to turn healing techniques to harm. And yet, I feel a duty to develop magick and energy healing into a science we can harness.

I said, “The saying is, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.‘ The concern isn’t good men trying to do good and occasionally slipping up, making bad decisions, harming someone in anger. The concern is doing nothing. And knowing you, I know you would do a lot of good, a lot of the time.”

I’m sharing this because it’s my current thinking about harnessing this power. And because, if any of you are paralyzed by the same fear as Francesca, hopefully this will help you get moving. And also because this was my week of rest, as I typically do once a month.

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One Response to “For Evil to Triumph”

  1. George says:

    Two possible takes: By systemising this and making if more easily accessible to everyone, you enable evil works as well as good. On the other hand, by making the workings clearer (or by creating workings, depending on how you view such things), you make it easier for good people to avoid accidentally creating ill effects.

    On balance, it’s a good thing to be able to reliably achieve what you want knowingly, either way, because that means people can better take responsibility.

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