More Than Intent

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There’s a saying, “Energy follows intent.” It’s true enough. Want to build energy? Just intend it. Want it to be erotic, calm, angry, whatever? Same deal: Focus on what you want to do, let your unconscious handle the details.

You could say the same about dance: Movement follows intent. Want to cross the room? Just intend it, your brain and legs know what to do. Want to move sexily, calmly, angrily? Just focus on that intent, let your unconscious handle the details.


Not everything follows intent. If that dancer gets injured, her physical therapist can’t just intend to make her better. He has to know about muscles and joints, teach her the right motions to strengthen the right parts.

If she breaks her leg, the doctor can’t just intend to set it. He has to know the bones and muscles involved, and the tools used to heal them.

You know how Olympic records are consistently broken, year after year? It’s because our training improves, based on increased knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and movement. Coaches understand how the body moves, and guide athletes to more effective movements of the body.

I respect dancers, athletes, and everyone who does something beautiful or amazing by following their intent. But me? I want to be the physical therapist, the surgeon, the coach. Which means intent isn’t enough.

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One Response to “More Than Intent”

  1. George says:

    I think this misrepresents how “intending” works, perhaps? It doesn’t mean that stuff will just happen without your own involvement, rather it means that thoughts will appear, actions will occur to you, and events will arise to move you towards experiencing your goal – within the habits of the universe, albeit to the very boundaries of possibility.

    So, you might “intend” to heal someone – and then you bump into a friend who recommends a herb you’ve never heard of that’s an old remedy, and you use that and it works. Or if you are up on energy stuff, an idea for how to channel it for her particular illness will occur to you. You may get results by simply intending sometimes, but there is a momentum at work which usually makes this unlikely.

    Intent generates results according to the structure of the environment, plus your own knowledge/beliefs/understanding/skills.

    Better to say: intent is required, for without it all your activities won’t focus to a result, you are just “being busy”. But if you just intend and then don’t let yourself be led by the resulting inclinations/movements, you’ll get nowhere.

    (In this view, you consider thoughts, body movements and the environment to all be the world, part of the result, and not “you”.)

    Direct Magick seems good because it can provide a consistent path for intent to work along – you don’t need to check the whole of your experience for the start if the results; they are to be found within this well defined subset of the world.

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