Why Update My Energy Meditation?

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Last week, I created a new energy meditation. Not a new set of visuals to signal to my mind that I want energy, but a new way for my mind to produce that energy. Why? What actually changed?

(This post assumes you’ve read last week’s post. If you haven’t, you might want to now.)

Here’s how my energy worked before:

  • I’ve talked about the energy reservoir before. It’s a layer between cells and the aura. Throughout the day, my cells would produce a little power / energy, which would gradually fill that reservoir. (I assume this is true of everyone, but haven’t checked.)
  • That energy reservoir would also draw from my ethereal power source. (I expect that this would only happen for an experienced energy worker.)
  • When I’d do an energy meditation, that energy reservoir would release into my aura. I think my aura might also become more luminous, but I wasn’t aware of luminosity when I was initially exploring my energy meditation, so I’m not sure.

You might notice, that’s a pretty limited pool. Using it for a few minutes would exhaust me. This may be way many teachers say to not use your own energy, but instead channel energy (from ethereal software).

Also, in the new procedure, I use tiny particles to carry the energy. They hold the energy better and release it more slowly, so it lasts longer. They also let me control its signature more precisely than I could before. Plus, the particles let me work with luminosity, and the difference between high luminosity (to initially deliver the new signature) and lower luminosity (to gently sustain it).

Why go into all this detail? Because this is one of the identifying features of Direct Magick. We’ll take something we do naturally (like produce energy), making it conscious, then updating the procedure. But that’s abstract, outside of most peoples’ experiences, and hard to connect to. Hopefully, talking about energy meditations makes it more concrete and easier to think about.

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